From behind - its not the only, but I like it - here is why  

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3/3/2006 5:36 pm

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From behind - its not the only, but I like it - here is why

I always liked rear entry. I have had women tell me that is because it is impersonal and pscychologically points to a cold dis-engaged persona; that I have issues opening up and letting my feelings out to share with a woman.
My answer is nooooooo. I like rear entry for the following reasons: ( BTW - not to be confused with anal)

1. rear entry allows me deeper penetration.
2. something to hold onto that I can really pull on and not worry about hurting.
3. I don't have to be concerned that my 200lb weight will crush the life out of my partner, thereby spending the entire act with my weight suspended on my arms.
4. If I have spent enough time in foreplay with my partner - she seems to appreciate a rough ride finish.
5. I enjoy rolling her toward me after the rough physical part of sex and feeling her nuzzled close.

Am I alone in this. What positons do women really prefer?

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