Fall Chores  

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11/13/2005 11:23 am

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Fall Chores

I had to take a tree down today. It was a large oak. It had lost its crown in a recent nor'easter. Anybody from New England knows how severe a storm like that can be.

I'm a naturalist and hate to drop a tree but all that was left was a 25 foot oak pole about 3' in girth sticking out of the ground like a giant prick. Maybe it would have been better if I rolled a couple of boulders up next to it.

The work was hard and I soon worked up a sweat. It wasn't long before I set my shirt aside as I cut the fallen branches up and hauled them off.

With all the debris gone, I sipped my coffee and took one last look at this giant phallus standing there. Well work to be done. I started cutting away at the base. First noting the slight lean of the monster and then cutting out a strong wedge section to direct the fall.

after the wedge was out I watched the weakened
log sway a little in the breeze. A quick back-cut
and I heard a slight crack.

Thats when things change. For less than five seconds a falling tree takes on a scenario of its own. The crisp autumn air is filled with a growing cracking sound; its cry of death. There is feeling of movement all around you, a shifting of great weight while heavy oak accelerates toward the earth. Then a slam. The ground beneath you shakes in climax. It is frightening, exhilarating, and you feel alive.

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