Eyes that wander on a date? - How cum?  

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3/27/2006 2:19 pm

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Eyes that wander on a date? - How cum?

I don't really wonder how many of us are guilty of comparison shopping on a date; most likely all of us.

Women tend to be a lot more discreet than men; they keep their tounges in their mouth during the process.

I know I'm right on this one ladies because I'm the guy who bagged you checking me out as I passed your dinner table and; yes I'm the guy who smiled and winked - you are the woman who got a touch red and looked down at her food with the slightest crinkle of a smile on your lips.

I try to be discreet about it but have been bagged a couple of times myself.

One retort I used to the icy statement "enjoying
the view?" was Wow! thanks I almost missed her!

Another, as I drove by a beach on a date, my companion stated "I know why you chose this route." I laughed and said "Your absolutely right; a little T&A for me a little P&B for you."
Her face quizzled up and she said "huh?"
"Pecs and buns my dear pecs and buns" she laughed.

I think if you are going to comparison shop on a date it should be openly done with appropriate discretion. Why sneak around? If you both know that your date is enjoying the view as well, let it be known that both parties are free to fantasize. Its not a bad thing.

There is no reason to be jealous or feel that the behavior is demeaning to you - it is a very natural act.

When I check out another woman it is nothing more than a momentary visual stimulation. The time to become concerned is when I ask for a phone number without some legitimate business purpose.

I think people often get too hung up on their own insecurities to relax and have fun. One woman and I used to have open discussions about what turned us on when we were visually smitten on a date. It can be fun. It can also help us to understand what stimulates the person we are with.

Happy leering - Bull

bullseyetou 62M
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5/7/2006 3:18 pm

I think I agree kitten - there is a point where fun is just fun can become inconsiderate is just plain rude. lol.

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