Missed opportunities!  

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7/7/2005 4:14 pm

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Missed opportunities!

I suppose we can all reflect back on our past and now see the missed opportunities. One example that I have, that I was just recently pondering, goes something like this.

A few years ago, I along with a few friends lived in bachelor pad. One evening a young woman that one of my roommates had been having "relations" with came to visit. Along with her came a friend that I had had "relations" with on occasion. My roommate had had a long day at work and was not up for play that evening so his friend began to hint about staying in my room. Her friend never gave a hint to what she wanted and I didn't ask her so the decision was left up to me. At the time I had only two thoughts: 1- Was the girl I had been having relations with comfortable with the situation. 2-What would my roommate think.

To make a long story short, I never invited my roommate's friend to stay with her friend and I that night. I did have a very enjoyable time with the one girl that night though. I only had "relations" with that girl a few other occasions and then she got back together with her boyfriend, but it was great while it lasted.

Sometime later I learned that my roommate's friend was bisexual, but I still don't know about her friend.

Looking back I know that my roommate had no feelings for his friend and would have not been bothered by her staying in my room that night. I still don't know if the girl I was with would have minded or not, but now knowing that her friend was bisexual surely her friend would have never mentioned the ideal if she did not think she would go along with it.

Being a red blooded American male I cannot help but kicking myself in the butt every time I think about that night and my missed opportunity.

Do you think I missed out on a very erotic experience or not? And if so, will I ever get the chance again?

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