Her name was.........  

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7/11/2005 4:56 pm

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Her name was.........

Her name was Cindy and she was up for everything I could think of at the time.

I saw a question posted about who taught you the most about sex and it brought to mind Cindy. when I was just a young fellow, freshly out of my parents house, living on my own and going to college I met Cindy. Now at the time I was a relatively inexperienced sexual being. I had one wild experience where I lost my virginity(one hell of a story that I might have to tell sometime)and several other one on one encounters with young ladies but nothing like Cindy.

My roommate and I met these two girls one night at a parade in town. One girl was a looker with long black hair, petite with a nice ass and tits. The other, Cindy, was a big boned girl with brown hair, glasses, a nice round booty and a nice set of tits. She was not overly attractive, but she was not ugly either. My roommate was the outgoing bullshitter type and immediately snagged the petite girl which left me with Cindy. We all got to know one another and then talked the girls into going with us to get a few alcoholic beverages and go back to our house.

Once back to the house, with beverages in hand, we began to get cozy with the bottles and the babes. After some drinking and a lot of sweet talking I got Cindy into the bedroom and began to try to seduce my way into her panties. I have always believed in lots of foreplay. I did not hold back anything in my arsenal with Cindy. We first began kissing long passionate, wet, juicy kisses. Kisses led to my tongue trailing down the side of her neck and slowly moving towards her cleavage. The whole time I am doing this I am also running my fingers through her hair and over the back of her neck until I can slowly begin to remove her shirt that is tucked into her jeans so that I can run my fingers in small circles on the small of her back.

I don't know if it was my slowly but surly persuasion techniques or the fact that she wanted the same thing that I did, but she finally started to relax and lay on the bed. In the past encounters I had learned that if I could ever get the girl relaxed enough to allow me to unbutton her jeans I would usually get some sort of sexual experience out of the encounter. The best way I new how to get to that point was to take my own sweet time and almost make her ask me to do it. That is exactly what happened with Cindy. As I began to remove her shirt and make my way down to the top of her jeans with a slow trail of kisses, nibbles, licks and soft subtle moans, Cindy began to come alive. She began by removing my shirt and caressing my chest. She didn't stop there either, but continued by fondling my cock through my jeans and forcing her now hot pussy onto me while grabbing my ass and pulling me into her. I don't know what my roommate and her friend were doing, but I new I had gotten the right girl.

We continued our exploits that evening by first getting completely naked. I then did what I love most and headed straight south for the promise land. As I now recall she tasted wonderful and as I brought her to climax she brought the pillow over her face to suffocated the cries of passion. She the gave me a great hand job that also brought me to a climax of my own. Being quite young and virile, that did not even slow me down. I moved right into her sweet self and had a great night of sex.

Well after this great first experience with Cindy I had many more nights with her. I found out, by trial only, that Cindy was game for experiencing all types of positions and techniques. For the few months of the rest of that semester of school, Cindy and I would often have sexual encounters where she would show me new positions and techniques or allow me to try something that I had either seen in a movie or read about in a magazine article. We both learned a lot from our experiences.

Any of ya'll have a friend like Cindy? Maybe you know something that she didn't and would like to pass it on to a good student?...lol

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