Ok... now rinse and spit!  

bulging_boy 49M
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12/7/2005 10:53 pm

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11/21/2006 10:51 pm

Ok... now rinse and spit!

Kids huh?

Dunno what it is that makes them say the sorts of things that would get you reported to social services...

All the fucking time!

I mean... It's not like I beat them... well... not much anyway... and not with a stick...

well... not often.

Maybe my kids inherited something from me... something like a broken gene perhaps?

See it was bathtime last night, and I was taking care of other things and was talking on the phone to a good friend, when there came some screaming from the bathroom.

This isn't uncommon. Anyone with kids will tell you that. Get more than one in close proximity to the others and fighting will inevitably start.

So fighting in the bath isn't new to me!

What was new... was the utterance that I walked in on.

I still had the phone to my ear, so the caller unfortunately heard *every* word.

I'll refer to them as numbers so it's easier than making names up.

Child 2 and child 3 were in the bath. Child 2 boy... child 3 girl. Got that?

I walk in to see child 3 crying and pointing at child 2 saying...

He peed in my mouth!

I'm like what the fuck?

So I asked the obvious questions...

Why do you think he peed in your mouth?

How on earth would he pee in your mouth?

Was your mouth open?

Why did you have your mouth anywhere near that?


The stuff kids come out with.

So he didn't pee in her mouth as it turned out!

Still... I made her brush her teeth. Twice!!

I'm only thankful the person I was talking to was laughing too hard to do anything like call the authorities.

God knows, I'd have struggled to explain that one!

rm_saintlianna 45F
15466 posts
12/7/2005 11:09 pm

Dude, they are tiny Bulges, what do you think they are gonna act like? Tiny Bardics? Oh good Lord on that one.

rm_DaphneR 58F
7938 posts
12/8/2005 12:31 am

Kiwi, ya gotta keep knickers on those kids!

Have tongue, will use it. Repeatedly.

DeepRiverDreamin 47F
46 posts
12/8/2005 1:06 am

That is just too funny. I'd have been to scared to ask any of those questions. There are some things you are just better off not knowing.

bulging_boy 49M

12/8/2005 2:39 am

True Saint,

I mean... what the fuck was I thinking?

Tiny Bardics? FFS Saint! Not around Daph!


bulging_boy 49M

12/8/2005 2:41 am


Beans in his pee pee? BEANS?

Oh right! I getcha!

Backdoor and front door opened.

You'd think he'd realise


bulging_boy 49M

12/8/2005 2:44 am


They were in the *bath*

In this country... most folk get all nakie when they wash.

That's why I hang around the womens showers

bulging_boy 49M

12/8/2005 3:02 am

Hiya Dreamin,

Man! I'm not saying I wasn't scared... I was crapping myself that he had!

What would you say to the ER admission nurse when you brought your child in vomiting?

Uhhh... she seems to have swallowed some... uhhh... urine

bardicman 50M

12/8/2005 6:48 am

Bulge - Arent all your kids over 18.......

I am not dead yet

rm_sj365 55F
2414 posts
12/8/2005 7:28 am

the apple doesnt fall far from the tree...or in your case, the nut.

this is why girl children are soooooo much easier...errr till later

rm_saintlianna 45F
15466 posts
12/8/2005 9:16 am

I just had a scarier thought. Tiny little ex-pats. Now THAT would be trouble.

Sister_Act_4_You 38F/38F

12/8/2005 11:27 am

"Thank heaven for little girls" and boys! I love kids; the things they say and do are priceless. Even if horrifying and/or traumatizing at the moment. Thanks for sharing; that truly has made my day. No matter what happens to me today....I will keep thinking of you and saying to myself, "Well, it could be worse."

bulging_boy 49M

12/8/2005 2:58 pm

LOL Bard!


So what's yer point?


bulging_boy 49M

12/8/2005 3:00 pm

Hiya SJ

The apple doesn't fall far from the nut?

What the fuck does that mean?

Is that some kind of american penis extension technique?


bulging_boy 49M

12/8/2005 3:01 pm

Saint m'dear...

Stop thinking *now* please!

For all our sakes


bulging_boy 49M

12/8/2005 3:06 pm

True Sister,

I don't think having someone pee in your mouth should really be the measuring stick for how good your day was though!


I mean... in Amsterdam for instance... you don't have a good day until someone pees in your mouth.

How good a day depends on how much it cost you for that!


impish_pixie 54F
6867 posts
12/8/2005 3:22 pm

Didn't your mum ever explain to you that when you have children they repay you for all you put your own mum through??? Jeez Bulge...looks like you're gonna be gray before they're 10 at this rate. Too bad the Jehovah's Witness (do you have those there?) weren't visiting at the moment...THAT would have been priceless.

I make mistakes, I am out of control & at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best. ~Marilyn

AlbertPrince 57M

12/8/2005 4:14 pm

Don't worry about it, there's no calories in pee

bulging_boy 49M

12/8/2005 5:34 pm

LOL Pixie,

Had they been visiting... I'd likely have peed in their mouths.


bulging_boy 49M

12/8/2005 5:35 pm


Weight Watchers eat yer heart out right?

I'm sure that would rival only my salmonella diet.


MisterPriapus 56M
6980 posts
12/8/2005 6:10 pm


Fer the Christ's sake, Bulge! Pay yer hot water bill already! Either that, or get the young uns a higher quality bubble bath!!!



Been a while since they last let me out into polite society. Resurfacing, catching a breath, & catching up.

And while I got my Broad-Brimmed Pimping Hat on, could I cajole all of y'all to Comment on, Alone In A Cloud? It's probably the best thing that I've written!



bulging_boy 49M

12/8/2005 7:11 pm

LOL P-man!

Thank God I don't have soap on a rope!


nedthebundler 56M/59F

12/8/2005 11:51 pm

Kids.....they do try us at times. Some days it's all you can do to stop lauching or crying, and tell them you love them. Hang on to those good memories....

Madness takes its toll. Exact change please!

LIBlonde97 40F
1028 posts
12/9/2005 3:50 am

*still laughing at the thought*

I cant even comment, my eyes are tearing too much from laughing...


anchcpl4fun 40M/44F

12/9/2005 6:15 pm

when my oldest was 3 she walked in on daddy as he was leaving some co-ed shower time with mommy. she was supposed to be asleep and instead was just standing there as he opened the door. He got all emabarrassed and ran for the bed room. bein my kid of course she saunters into the bathroom ad says...mommy...Why does daddy have a tail on his butt??

That was a fun explanation, as soon as i could stop gasping for air.

SO my darling daughter decided to tell ANYONE who would listen that "MY daddy has a tail on his butt, and i know cuzz i saw it"
totally ignoring my explanation as to what it was, cuz the tail seemed so much cooler...............OY

rm_luke69iner 48M
3275 posts
12/10/2005 2:09 am

Woo Hoo there's beans in my pee pee too!!!

S'io credesse che mia risposta fosse
A persona che mai tornasse al mondo,
Questa fiamma staria senza piu scosse.
Ma perciocche giammai di questo fondo
Non torno vivo alcun, s'i'odo il vero,
Senza tema d'infamia ti rispondo

bulging_boy 49M

12/10/2005 2:31 am

Thanks ned,

I fully intend to.

If not for myself... for the regailing of those stories on the night of their 21st... weddings...

well... anytime it'll cause them some embarrassment really!


bulging_boy 49M

12/10/2005 2:32 am


You should have been there!


bulging_boy 49M

12/10/2005 2:35 am

LOL anch,

Once they get something in their sweet little minds...

That's it!

I'd have left her with the tail concept personally


cumpig11111 52M
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12/10/2005 2:43 am

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LIBlonde97 40F
1028 posts
12/10/2005 5:45 pm



Interesting comment from cumpig11111.

I didnt you had a big black cock? Why didn't you tell us?


rm_1hotwahine 63F
21091 posts
12/10/2005 5:56 pm

I'm curious...
did anyone make it through the whole comment?

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

bulging_boy 49M

12/11/2005 2:19 pm

Hey cumpig!

I'm picking up that you like black cock?

bulging_boy 49M

12/11/2005 2:20 pm


I don't have a black cock!

The lights musta been off

oh dear

bulging_boy 49M

12/11/2005 2:22 pm


Yeah I did. I struggled and struggled,

finally my perseverence paid off and I got to the end.



bulging_boy 49M

12/11/2005 2:25 pm

Hey Passionate,

Yup... it's my greatest fear!

They do come out with some pearlers


bulging_boy 49M

12/11/2005 2:28 pm


You're not supposed to inspect!

any corn?

rm_DaphneR 58F
7938 posts
12/11/2005 5:09 pm

Ah hell NO 1hot...I fucking scrolled down so I didn't have to look at that nastya ssed picture.

Have tongue, will use it. Repeatedly.

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