Starting Over Late in Life  

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5/1/2005 3:07 pm

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6/26/2006 12:18 am

Starting Over Late in Life

Well its been a long life and a lot of fun along with some scary moments and deep scars but I never thought I would end up single again especially in my 60's. But thats where its going. The wife of 27 years has announced she has j=had enough of me and is moving on. So i now have to decide what to do next. For the last 12 years we have had a buffalo ranch as well as a small selfemployed professional business. The ranch strated to fail in 97 when buffalo price drop deepr than the stock market thanks to the canadians. (that's a long story). The wife then fought like hell totake over the ranch demanding I earn more at my day job to make up. Well thinks took its toll, she got sick, (i think she faked some of it) then 9/11. My business dropped like a rock as well then too. I started part time in Anchorage to keep thiongs banaided together . Gone 2 weeks at a time . I have been doing that now for 3 years. It is tough on the butt, tough on the marriage. Last Septemebr I decided the hell with this I'll just get a full time job in Seattle area. Well with 30 years of experience and a backround of high paying jobs and responsibility I now find that consulting engineering needs young cheap people and few expereinced people. Being older and experienced cost oo much for companies so they don't want ya! Finally after over 6 months my recuiter called it quits. Had several serious looks by firms like CH2M( don't ever work for them)Black & Veach, a few large locals then nothing. So I am now trying to decide how to downsize. where ot live, where to work etc. Hardest thing of all will be living with my soon to be ex in the same house until we can untangle the property, bills etc. It may take a year or more.

I have to figure a way to get back up on my feet and move forward. I will survive and live through all of this it's just painful now. But if I feel the pain, I'm still alive right?

rm_buffaloman1 73M
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5/30/2005 3:59 pm

I understand you think i critized the Canadians Well its not ALL Candainians only the impact of a govenmental program which made sense for the Canadian cattle growers at the time. Many times programs have unintended consequences but still the consequence was real and economically very painful. Over it now. I even have Canadian friends that I agree with politically . Wish I might meet you jstln04 . LOL Is that a cabdain zip code??? Can never figure them out not that i can figure out US zip codes either!!!

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