Large Swings between weeks  

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7/2/2005 8:48 pm

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Large Swings between weeks

A few weeks ago I got a new job and things started to seem more "normal" We even talked about staying together. She evn wanted sex ( Nice) But today she really torkered me off. She had bought a used cat in January. I didn't want to she did. She did it anyway. It turned out to be a real lemon A VW Jetta. After it being in the shop more than driving she took it back and got a New one. Payments are over $500 a month and guess hwo's paying. Well today i had to sign some papers which said " no hidden defects" The dealer siad they were going to sell the car again ! They knew the car had a bad diesel engine, a bad transmission and the brake idiot light always was on. I didn't want to sign saying there were no defects. i made them write a memo saying they would fix these things before selling the car. I added that to a tranfer document. Now the old lady says I am selfish it was her car but I'm on the tittle and paying for it. She left saying that if she doesn't get her car I better not come back from my business trip.. well mabe i better just let her go. Maybe she is the one how is selfish.....

Man why can't I just meet a lady who wants to be friends, have sex once in a while then leave me....... I must be going crazy!!!

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