buckey5002 55M
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4/7/2006 3:59 pm

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4/24/2007 10:20 am


Well I've had this blog listed and have yet to post so I guess it's time.

I was a paying member for 3 months but let it laps. I'm deciding whether to join again and if it's worth it. While I was able to view all the full profiles and pics I wanted and send unlimited emails it didn't help with what I am here looking for. Maybe I just didn't try hard enough.
I'm wondering if money weren't an issue, would every one become a paying member. If your just here for the chat rooms and message boards why would you pay. Does being a paid member get you more emails or responses to emails?

Well I think I'll have another go around cuz as American Express says "Membership Has It's Privileges".

tillerbabe 56F

4/10/2006 2:30 pm

I'm just here to BLOG!

cooper857 39M
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6/10/2006 11:29 pm

limo guy

cooper857 39M
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6/10/2006 11:30 pm

havn fun?

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1/11/2007 11:17 pm

Same !

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LibraLizzy 57F

3/7/2007 3:23 pm

I have bin standard here for nearly 4 yrs.........its going down hill.......we loosing every priviledge us women......had a free ball 1 yr for a month......was great......I perved 2 my hearts content


rm_arbyq77 54F
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3/22/2007 8:32 pm

well i found joining a group helped a lot....depends on what someone is looking for as to what you will get im thinking being a paid member or not......anyway just have fun pay if you must cause its really not that much if it gets your what you want? right?? take care hugs and nibbles Patty

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purpletrashcan 51F
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4/12/2007 4:14 pm

Local groups are a good bet....I have been standard and silver....standasr didn't cut it for me in the blog department

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Megara1970 46F

4/13/2007 5:49 am

I've been a standard member and now I'm not. I actually like the fact that I don't have to have so many views to my profile before I can view those of others. I also like the fact that I can e-mail people whenever I feel like it. It seems I have drifted into mostly just blogging now, but it even comes in handy there, too. Personally, I think it's a small investment to enjoy the site to the fullest.

Just my one cent!

Megara1970 Y

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