brute472 74M
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5/25/2006 12:45 am

MzHunny if I lived closer these would be sitting on your doorstep.

I just want to say to you all if everyone took a leaf out of Mz Hunny's book this world would be a better place.
I would like to hazard a guess that she is a very honest and down to earth person and I admire her for her forthright way of speaking of her life and dreams.
The other thing I would like to say is there must be an awful lot of losers living in her area as she should have been scooped up into the arms of a great guy by now. I think the men around her must all be ball less.
I know she would be if she were living in NZ or Aus even if we are crass bastards we are not blind she is a real fair dinkum sheila and a great catch for any man with ideals and honesty.
Come on you blind idiots get in there and show her there are some real men still in the US of A.
I know I am going to cop a lot of flak over this post but what the hell I am not only mad but I am honest.
Luv to ya MzHunny hope you find Mr right.

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