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5/12/2006 9:08 pm

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slack arse

This pic is our little theatre.

I really have been slack in bloggsville lately but today we struck the set of the latest play our town amatuer theatre group have just finished performing.
It was a major job and now we are getting ready for our next production and we will start all over again.
Building the set rehearsing and then presenting the play.
We attempt to produce at least two a year but now we have converted our theatre into a theatre restaurant style and we will possibly perform three this year.
The latest production was called Female Transport and is set on a prison ship sailing from England to Australia and the story was set around six women chained together for six months.
When we decided to do this show we were afraid the language may be a bit much for our staid theatre goers so we advertised "Content may offend," and for some reason we performed to packed houses.
Although the script only called for a few fucks the cast got carried away and threw in lots of extra's and no-one was offended.
I wonder if this society is just a little jaded and are not surprised or shocked easily any more?

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