next episode young love.  

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next episode young love.

Ok you may say well it didn't take too long to get into some else's nickers after losing the love of your life.
BUT and it is a big BUT a standing prick has no conscience and besides I loved sex.
Well after visiting Robyn and staying at her family's home we had gotten to the stage of being allowed to go to bed together but the parents rule was we were not allowed to go to sleep because I think they had ideas that sleeping sexually aroused youngsters would start to play hide the sausage in their sleep not when we were awake. Yeah right!
Side tracking a little Robyn's mother was apparently not getting much at home as one weekend when Robyn and her dad were out mum came into my room starkers and came on to me, had it happened when I was a little more prepared I would have realised every mans dream of having it off with both mum and daughter but at this time I was far too green to take up the offer.
Things were decidedly uncomfortable in that Maryborough home and not long later Margaret's mum rang me and arranged to meet at a hotel in Melbourne city and as I had always thought of her as my second mum I went.
Little did I know that Margaret was going to be there as well and when I walked into the lounge bar and she was there all the old feelings came rushing back it was horrible in as much as I didn't think there was any chance to get back together again.
How wrong can you be the entire meeting was a set up to get the two of us back together again.
Bugger it I melted, here we were with a second chance and let me assure you my feelings were still as intense as ever.
Well the long and the short of it is I got completely pissed was put on the train to Maryborough so that I could break off in person with Robyn and as I was not an entire prick I needed to do it in person.
That weekend was a shocker and I would never place myself in that position again right from the moment that mum had rung me I was set up for a fall and someone was going to be hurt.
Whether it is just lust or love one of the party had to suffer and it was poor Robyn.
I saw her many years later and I can say she was happily married with a couple of kids, wiser for sure.
Well I moved back to Margaret's family home and things were about right and we made up for the time apart with some of the greatest sex that one could enjoy right up until she got pregnant. yes there it is the big "Up the Duff" out with the shotgun and down the aisle.
It wasn't really like that as her mum and dad sat me down and said as we were so young they would bring up the child and we didn't have to get married.
Not the way I was brought up I'm afraid and any how I loved her with all my heart still.
So we married, me 19 she 16 and in those days we were not as worldly as the kids today we were still a couple of green kids.
Marriage was good we rented a little house joined to the rear of a fish and chip shop,
and there we made a little nest that was going to be the start of the wonderful journey in life called marriage.
When our beautiful daughter was born we were over the moon and everything looked like coming up roses only one little blight appeared.
One night when the baby had just had a bottle and was tucked up in her bassinette I chanced to walk past the bedroom door and looked across at the sleeping bundle.
Something didn't look quite right she appeared to have a Davey Crockett hat on her head and as I hadn't seen one of those for many years I knew it was a wrong thing I was seeing.
Imagine the horror when approaching the bed I realised it was a big black rat licking the milk from the baby's mouth.
Shit I was in a frenzy throwing the rat to the ground and then chasing it through the house until trapping it in the hallway.
Take my advice never trap a rat with no escape this mongrel thing when it realised there was nowhere to go launched itself straight for my face.
Leave it to the imagination but I tell you that was one dead rat when I had finished and to make dead sure I poured Kerosene (paraffin) over it out in the yard and cremated it.
Yep we found a new home the very next day.
Now life changed for me I was forced to work every hour possible because at this time I was still an apprentice earning the grand sum of 8 Pounds ($16) a week and with a family to support believe me it was hard.
Within two years my first son was born the most beautiful child you would ever see angelic is a word that comes to mind.
Boy was I proud and this feeling lasted at least four hours until a telephone call from the hospital said my lovely son was being rushed to the children's hospital and was not expected to last the night.
All I can say is at that time life sucked big time.
My boy did last the night he was in a humicrib with tubes coming out of every orifice, his nervous system had completely broken down when a nurse propped fed him a bottle and while she was away from him he began to choke.
When poor Margaret was released from hospital we would go into the childrens hospital and spend all our time looking at this poor little mite fighting for his life and the prognosis was never good.
Six long weeks we kept this up every single day at his side until one day we walked in and his crib stood bare, by the way we had never held our child because of the delicate state he was in.
Margaret crumpled at the knees and my guts rushed for the floor our baby was gone.
Fuck that is abad feeling and even today I get the same feeling when I think about it.
A nurse sitting bottle feeding a baby over the other side of the ward saw our desperation and said these words that will always be etched in my brain,"Its alright this is your son I'm feeding."
Sorry have to finish here I am having problems with my emotions.

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8/10/2006 11:55 pm

    Quoting rm_mzhunyhole:
    Lordy..had to get my tissues..if my man don't do me right..I'll be on the next flight.
You make my heart sing as you are always so uplifting thats why I love you so.

I wouldn't wish your man to be hurtin you even if it means missing out on you coming to me on the next flight.

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8/10/2006 9:38 pm

    Quoting twirly_girl:
    I'm so sorry that must have been horrible to go through.
    I'm afraid to ask, was it your son she was feeding?

    *kisses your forehead*

Yes my darling it was your older brother more about him later.
Therein lies a tale fraught with sadness caused by me.

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8/10/2006 9:36 pm

    Quoting ShayeDK:
    Oh sweetie, your post brought tears to my eyes.
    But I am so glad you chose to share.
    Pain released, floats like hope.

    I am holding you close today....and always.
Thanks for the lovely hug you may hug me any time.
Ps I am having trouble with that contact not sure what is happening it bounces back all the time.

twirly_girl 47F

8/10/2006 10:31 am

I'm so sorry that must have been horrible to go through.
I'm afraid to ask, was it your son she was feeding?

*kisses your forehead*



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