Winter in Wairoa  

brute472 74M
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6/5/2006 11:54 pm

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6/22/2006 3:50 am

Winter in Wairoa

Dusk as the sun sets over God's own.

Had a very interesting occurence when an old flame contacted me recently and wishes to carry on a cyber love affair.
I must say I was flattered but am not too sure if I can come up to what she expects.
I am sure she remembers me as we were 20 years ago and they were the days when one could fuck forty different ways over the weekend.
Unfortunately those days are long gone I now prefer making love not just fucking for the sake of it.
I wonder do we remember only the good things fom so long ago and do we embellish them to suit our desires.
I really would like to live up to those times but reality says no way Jose.
As luck will have it I won't have to live up to it in real life only in cyber space as distance is a big factor and I guess I am glad in a way as this way there will be no dissapointment on either side.

If someone from your past wanted cyber sex with you, would you?

Should I go down this road knowing there will be no real fullfilment?

I await with baited breath for any advice on this subject.

brute472 74M
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6/22/2006 3:50 am

You make remarkable sense thanks for the opinion.

rm_anydoor2 64M
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6/21/2006 1:37 am

In reply to your ponderings about the time lapse of 20 years,you should consider that the other person has also gained that 20years and is more likely also to be more interested slower, deeper more exploratory foreplay.I know I am looking to meet someone who likes to be touched and carressed more than to just be fucked as the final act is now just a culmination of the journy.

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