Congratulations Grandma.  

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8/25/2006 2:07 am

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Congratulations Grandma.

Come on everybody we have to congratulate one of our fellow bloggers on becoming a grandma when her son and daughterin law produced a fine bonny baby girl "Shylar" such great news for our ShayeDK.
Isn't the act of birth so beautiful to behold, to see your flesh and blood enter the world and take their very first breath is just so wonderous.
For those dads that have never witnessed the event I am sorry it is an event that just fills your heart with joyous love.
Finally at age 48 I saw my daughter born and held her in my arms before even her mother had an opportunity to.
Kimberly was my fourth child but unfortunately in the days of my first childrens birth fathers were not even welcome after the birth let alone during the event.
To all mums every where good on you girls, you do a great job.

VTLakesideVixen 60F
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8/25/2006 10:14 am

Brute, this is good news indeed! Shaye must be floating on a fluffy pink cloud right about now--LOL. Well, we know what she will be doing when we can't easily find her now--she will be cuddling the new little Grand-baby Girl Skylar (see Shaye's blog "Fortune in Cookies" ).

I was 38 when my first Grandson was born--I was lucky enough that my daughter wanted me as well as her husband. From the very first moment that that child was born I followed the nurse he was handed to, to be cleaned up. He was quiet, not a crier--
and my heart was gone the minute I looked into those little blue-grey eyes. He has had my heart from that moment and I would protect him with my very life if needed, and would move heaven and earth to make sure that he has everything he needs, but NOT everything he wants. Don't want to spoil him too much, you know! I dearly love both of my Grandsons, and each is special in their own way.

My husband was there both times our kids were born, but it didn't seem to phase him much unfortunately.

This explains why Shaye hasn't done her blog yet--I'll have to give her a call later tonight and congratulate her. Thanks for giving us the heads up Brute.

I am very glad that the copy and paste thing worked for you Sweetie.
While I was doing my blog earlier today, I was stupid and didn't do this---I could have kicked myself. I had to start from scratch again and it wasn't easy considering what I was writing about. Go see my blog today please and tell me what you think.

Take care Sweetie. Hugs to you Brute.


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