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Another story in the life of a citizen of

Well we have just about done the old Bougainville except for the one sexual encounter I had with an island woman.
Before my wife joined me on the island I was house sitting for one of the Kiwi expats who was off island when late at night there was a knock on the door and who should be there but a bougainvillean lady that I had never met.
Well she was looking for the friend that owned the house and when I told her that he was off island she began to cry.
I am sucker for a woman in tears so I asked her in.
Lets get this straight no she was not topless and yes she wasn't bad looking except for the tears.
Any way she had no where to stay and was hoping my friend would put her up.
I told you I'm a sucker for the tears so I allowed her to stay in the spare room.
Imagine my surprise in the early hours of the morning wondering if this dream was going to reach a climax when I discovered it wasn't a dream this lady had crawled into my bed after I had fallen asleep and began doing things to my body that no lady would ever think to do.
She ended up staying the entire week the only thing wrong was she couldn't cook but all my other appetites were well fed.
The first vacation from the Island was a trip to London via Hong Kong then onto Switzerland and back to England to Singapore back to bougainville all in six weeks and it was great to see history that dated back before my home country was discovered.
The English and Continentals are so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful buildings and such a rich culture.
The next year on the Island went much the same as the first except the locals decided to go to war with the government of Papua New Guinea.
So when it got heated the company offered to take our possessions and of course ourselves to either Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Burnie or Auckland and being one that liked the unknown I opted for Auckland.
We arrived while our possessions were still on the water and we had booked and paid for a six week tour of the States so a week after arriving in the country with no problems at customs the wife and I set off for our dream holiday.
I must say I loved America but I have one comment to make that may set a few of you against me, The further South I traveled the friendlier the population became and a welcoming smile was always offered to us foreigners.
We traveled from LA to Vegas to Detroit to New York and then drove from New York to Key Largo stopping off at Virginia Beach where we were invited to stay with a family we met through talking while held up at pile up on the freeway.
As I said the further South, these people didn't know us from a bar of soap and the next day he took us to the army base where he was stationed and we were wined and dined like long lost cousins.
Miami saw us staying with my wife's relatives and then we headed back to New York to catch our flights to the Coast once again.
Some things will live in my memory forever like the awe I felt when stepping on the battleship North Carolina or visiting an underground waterfall in Chattanooga.
Young coloured break dancers putting on a show in the street or being caught by some smart arsed kids in a scam in Bourbon Street New Orleans.
They came up to us and said :For five dollars I bet I can tell you where you got them shoes", and as they were new I knew that this was one bet I was going to win, right? Wrong he said,"you got one on the left foot and one on the right and you are standing in Bourbon Street New Orleans."
Ok I dug out five dollars and with a kind remark "right here's your money you smart little bastard" and walked away red faced.
On the plane home I read a times article on just how much money these kids were making and I tell you, you had to admire them.
I digress, Disneyland, Epcot Centre and the beautiful waters off the Florida Keys will stay with me for ever.
When we arrived back in Auckland customs showed just how astute they were by refusing entry for my wife who was traveling on a British passport.
When I explained to them we had landed here seven weeks before from New Guinea and she was allowed to enter it fell on deaf ears.
Well unfortunately we finally got it all sorted out and she was granted temporary residence, and temporary it was.
Things had steadily deteriorated between the two of us and once we settled in Auckland and took up employment she decided that she no longer wished to live there and wanted to go back to Aus.
As she didn't fit in and she made everybody miserable I bought a ticket for Melbourne and presented it to her.
When she opened it she found it was one way and she wasn't real pleased.
In the end I convinced her to go back to where she would be happier and of course so would I.
On her last night in our little flat she decided to show her love for me by admitting to having had an affair while we were living in Kalgoorlie, how she thought that little bombshell would help her cause I really don't know.
Funnily enough we actually became friends years later when my dad first was hospitalised for cancer and I went to Melbourne to be with him.
We spent some time together as she was very fond of my dad and we sorted out lots of things that needed to be sorted as well as coming to like each other.
And I can see the minds ticking over already, no we never did make love and no we didn't fuck either we found something more lasting, friendship.
Well once again the city with a million stories has turned of the lights and it is time to rest our weary heads once more.
So until we meet again:- Parting is such sweet sorrow.

twirly_girl 47F

9/7/2006 6:26 pm

Coming from the female side of things I'm sure your "then" wife wasn't trying to win you over, she was trying to hurt you a little.
Some of us women tend to do that on occassion.

I loved this story. Hoping to hear more.


BaronessK 52F

9/7/2006 9:35 am

Ah, The Keys...I, too, will never forget the Keys...including sitting on a 'patio' on the main street in Key West with a Key West Sunset beer in my hand held to my lips feeling the lingering warmth of the setting sun glowing in defiance of the end of another beautiful day but the beginning of an everlasting memory....

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