The Supermarket  

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7/25/2005 7:17 am

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The Supermarket

When i'm off work I tend to go to the supermarket every two days or so. Its not far away and also it means i dont have to plan a weeks worth of meals.
After I've done shopping I see an older woman struggling with some heavy item, supermarkets tend to stock lots of non-food items these days, electronics and garden equipment. I offer to carry said item to her car and help her load it in. I ask if she'll be able to manage when she gets to her house. She says she isnt sure how she will manage. I offer to come with her and offload at the other end. She doesnt live that far away so I can easily walk home afterwards.
On the drive we chat about random things. It comes up that I live by myself. When we arrive I unload the item and take it into the house. Say its electrical equipment. I ask if she'll be able to set it up herself. She ponders. I say I've not got any specific plans for the day. I set up equipment. It's a hot day so she bring me a cold beer. I dont drink very often so it relaxes me a lot. Also as it's a hot day she's probably wearing loose/revealing clothing. She probably notices me admiring her cleavage and she certainly doesnt go out of her way to limit the coverage. As a thankyou she asks me to stay for dinner i agree. Some more beer and my tongue is looser and she flirts with me in the kitchen. It probably comes up that I'm single at the moment. Also lots more opportunites for eying flesh. After dinner we retire to the sitting room, sitting next to each other on the sofa and I explain how to use said equipment. I'm kind of aroused being in proximity to such a disarming female but I'm unsure of myself in such situations so would never make the first move. she turns to me and....

I'd like to hear from you fine ladies out there what would happen next as I'm at a loss to imagine it.

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