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Most folks who frequent the cams don't bother to check out the blogs. But my experience camming is so amusing sometimes so I thought some other folks just might get a chuckle out of it.
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Well I"ll Be Damned......
Posted:Aug 7, 2009 11:31 pm
Last Updated:Sep 27, 2012 12:44 am

I was reading another member's blog today in which they were saying they had just discovered they had been banned from another's blog and didn't know why. I mention this because I just found out that I was banned from a member's blog today. I have a feeling I know why. In a way, I expected it. That is more a commentary on the other person's character than anything I may have done.

Anyway, I don't think she was talking about the same person. But then again maybe she was. Could be banning folks is the in thing to do these days.

I suppose AdultFriendFinder has made this change in response to numerous member's complaints.
It Happened Again...
Posted:Jul 26, 2009 6:59 pm
Last Updated:Sep 27, 2012 12:46 am

I don't know what it is about me. I was in a webcam chat room the other night and this guy decided that he would personally alert me to all the men who appeared to have impressive equipment, if you know what I mean. After he had mentioned about three guys, I finally asked him did he find them to be exciting. At first, he told me not particularly, but then he finally admitted that one of his desires was to jack off with another man. Then he did admit to being curious. He tried to tell me that he found my cam exciting, which I found hard to believe since he was constantly telling me to check out these other dudes. He asked me whose cam was I watching. I told him none really since I was chatting with various people. That seemed to disappoint him.

Oh by the way, he was not on cam himself.
Coming into town
Posted:Apr 5, 2009 5:54 pm
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2016 3:44 am

You know I really get tired of these guys who say that they are coming in town and want to meet you and they send is a cock pic. If you want to meet me, you had better send a picture of what you look like. I mean I can get a stiff dick anywhere.
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Pimping Her Out
Posted:Jan 24, 2009 11:09 am
Last Updated:Sep 27, 2012 12:47 am

Okay I was in a webcam room the other night, where they show vintage porn. One of the folks in there was also showing home videos of his wife with various men. He was actually bragging in the room about how many men she had been with, how she liked to go bareback, and how she had met the men on that website. Sometimes the husband would be in the video, sometimes not. It was like he was pimping her out. Men in the room were asking when they could hook up with her. He seemed to proud, strutting his stuff like a peacock.

It was rather funny in one video. The guy's cock was too short to stay in her, that and his pot belly. His cock looked to be about four inches, erect. I didn't stay in the room long so I wonder if he ever was successful.

I am an exhibitionist but I draw the line at that.

In more news......

You know I really get tired of hearing white guys says they have never been with a black woman. I had one who told me the other day that he never seen a black woman before up close. Do they look like white women?

I told him, I don't know, never studied a white woman up close.
Kinky Sex, Anyone???
Posted:Dec 12, 2008 7:49 pm
Last Updated:Jan 29, 2009 3:54 pm

Okay so I was in a chat room the other day and got a message, "Wanna see some kinky sex?". I had gotten this message before, maybe from the same person, but have always ignored it. This time I felt reckless and said sure. This person proceeded to show all these bestiality videos.

Now I always say to each his own, but I cannot get with sucking a horse's cock. I noticed the horse appeared quite restless, and would lift his leg up from time to time. I guess she settled for sucking his cock because copulation with a horse could cause physical problems, especially if you are not a female horse. Anyway, the guy asked if I had ever seen horse porn to which I replied no, but I read a lot of stories here concerning doggy porn. He talked about how good it felt so I asked him was he into it, to which he responded most definitely.

He then proceeded to show this video of his wife and the family dog. Actually it was kinda funny to me because the dog clearly had a short attention span when it came to sex. I asked him did he have any porn of himself and the dog. He said he did but never did show it. I think he wasnn't getting the kind of reaction he wanted from me. He abruptly ended the conversation.
Too Young For Me
Posted:Oct 9, 2008 5:38 pm
Last Updated:May 21, 2012 11:44 pm

I think my story-writing skills leave something to be desired. Back to the webcam adventures for me!!

I was on cam the other night and this woman sent me a private message. She told me I had turned her 16-year old son on. She further told me that her husband was out of town and he would kill her if he knew that they both were watching my cam. I tell you, I truly believe some of these folks say stuff just to see what I will say.

She told me that her son was stroking himself and wanted her to see him. Somehow he kept poking her in the face. Finally she started hinting around, "do you think he wants me to take it in my mouth". I told her to do whatever she felt like doing.

I finally told her that I was going to bed, and they could get into whatever they wanted to over there. Then she started telling me that her son said I was going to bed and play with myself, thinking of him. After she repeated it, I told her to tell him "I do not play with children". She immediately left the room.

I guess I called it too close.
Corruption of Innocence-4
Posted:Oct 8, 2008 6:03 pm
Last Updated:Jan 24, 2009 11:02 am

But they had started something now. They had rekindled
a fire in me that had been slowing smoldering. I was still
aching, my pussy was throbbing, it needed to be filled.

I looked over at Victor. His dick was flaccid, seemingly
drained by all of the afternoon's activities. But
I had other plans. Slowly I reached over and just touched
the tip with the tip of my tongue. Light little flutters,
teasing really; no hands, just tongue. I slowly swirled
my tongue around the head, teasing the slit a little. I heard
Victor draw his breath in sharply and let go a little sigh,
I brought my hands up and started playing with his balls,
softly fondling them. I swirled my tongue down his shaft,
pressing on his veins that were protruding out the sides,
massaging them oh so gently. I went down to his balls and
licked all around them, then I went even further. I pressed
that area behind his balls and he groaned. My tongue did
not neglect a spot and he was moving his hips around. I moved
my hands under his thighs and lifted them up a little, to
get better access. My tongue kept traveling further as
I rimmed his ass and licked his asshole while squeezing
his ass cheeks. After I had gotten his asshole nice and sloppy
wet, I inserted a finger deep in his ass and started swirling it around, deeper and deeper, pumping one then another finger in, slowing stretching him more and more. While doing this, I moved
up to the tip of his dick again and started sucking on the
tip, tasting the pre-cum that was oozing out. His sphincter
muscles clamped down on my fingers like a vise, so I eased
up on my massage of his innermost sexual region. I slowly withdrew my fingers and turned my body around so that my pussy was over his face. His eager tongue licked out as he sucked on my pussy lips and my big phat clit. He would alternate between sucking my clit and then he would probe my pussy with his tongue.
I felt a liquid feeling in my pussy, like I was melting, then
the spasms started. I started squirting all over the place, something I have never done before. Then I yelled "I'm cumming". He drank all of my love juices greedily.

He stood up. After my orgasm had passed, I wanted to return
the pleasure. So I spit on my hands, grabbed his dick and
slowly began pumping up and down. His dick was so hard yet
so soft. I could feel the heat and the throbbing, which made
me hotter. I lowered my mouth to his dick and began sucking
on his mushroom read, while running my tongue around the
rim. He groaned as my tongue circled this sensitive spot.
I tilted my head a little and took a little more of his dick
in. Inch by inch I took a little more of him in until all of
his seven inches had disappeared into my mouth. I paused
for a minute to allow my throat muscles to adjust to his girth.
Then I slowly began bobbing up and down, varying the sucking
pressure. Sometimes I would come up half-way and go back
down. Sometimes I would almost release him. He would moan
in protest, and I would burrow down all the way to his pubic
hair again. I love the feeling of a hard dick in my mouth,
feeling the veins of his dick, tasting his pre-cum. I knew
he was getting close. So while looking at him, I slowly withdrew
and lay back, spreading my legs. He immediately picked
my legs up and placed my ankles on his shoulder. He positioned
himself between my legs and plunged in to the hilt. I was
so wet and we both were so hot that we were fucking furiously.
At that past, neither of us could last long; we both were
on the edge. All of a sudden, we both cried out and as the waves
of pleasure came over me, I felt his hot sperm shooting inside
of me. He collapsed on top of me, then rolled to the side;
we both were breathing heavily.

During our passionate lovemaking, both of us had forgotten
about Cynthia….
Corruption of Innocence 3
Posted:Oct 8, 2008 6:00 pm
Last Updated:Oct 8, 2008 6:13 pm

The previous week I had been over at Cynthia’s house and
had my first sexual experience with a woman. As I was driving
home, I began to feel a little shaken by what had happened.
I had only been with men prior to this but something about
those sexual encounters had left me, unfulfilled, wanting
for more. To come face to face with the fact that a woman could
turn me on so much was very unsettling at first, but I couldn’t
deny how powerful the whole episode had been.

The following week, Cynthia again called me over for brunch
again. I was a bit nervous because I didn’t know what to expect
but I showered very carefully and took extra time with my
preparations. I felt like living dangerously, so I didn’t
put on any panties. When I arrived there, her current lover,
Victor, was there. Now Cynthia had several friends. She
would always recount her adventures to me and end by saying,
“he wants to get serious, all I want to do is screw”. But Victor
was married and couldn’t get but so serious. I think that
is why he had hung around so long. Needless to say I was curious
about his sexual prowess but this was the first time that
I had actually met him.

We were all sitting in the kitchen, just chitchatting,
when I looked at Victor. He was staring directly in my eyes,
as if he was mesmerized by what he saw. Cynthia had her back
to us, busily preparing something at the stove. Slowly
he licked his lips and suddenly reached out to caress my
face. His touch was electric. I was like a deer caught in
headlights, I couldn’t move. Suddenly he was at my side
and he slowly pulled me to my feet. He stroked his hand down
my back and cupped my ass, squeezing it gently and tipped
my hips up into him. I could feel his hardness and BOYY, was
it big.

He crushed his lips on mine as our tongues did a passionate
dance, all the while his hands were roaming all over my body
and we were moving in unison to a song heard only by the two
of us. As my back was to the table, he lifted me up to sit on
the edge and dropped on his knees. He lifted my short skirt
and when he discovered I had no panties on underneath, he
gave me a big smile. Then he dove in and began sliding his
tongue all around my thighs and up to my labia. I have a big
clit and it was poking out. He spread my lips and my long thick
clit jumped out, begging for attention. He flicked his
tongue out teasing the inner lips of my pussy, still not
touching my clit. Then he teased the head with the tip of
this tongue, I was writhing my hips. Finally he circled
my clit with his tongue and began sucking on it, first gently,
then with a little more pressure. I was moaning in delight

Suddenly I felt lips on my mouth and hands on my breast. Caught
up in the passion of the moment, we had both forgotten about
Cynthia who had turned around from the stove and was watching
the action greedily. She had on a housecoat, which she opened
to reveal she was totally naked beneath. While viewing
the action on her kitchen table, she slowly began stroking
herself. The action made her so wet, the juices were running
down her leg. When she heard me moaning, she couldn’t help
herself and had to taste those juicy lips. She started on
my mouth and nibbled her way down my neck, pausing at my tits
and playing with my nipples. She gently pushed Victor out
of the way, and took his place between my legs, still stroking

Victor positioned himself behind Cynthia, started lubing
his cock head with her pussy juices, thrusting into her
slowly at first, then picking up speed. He leaned forward
and lifted her legs up, which she wrapped around him, then
he leaned on the table, and continued thrusting. She met
his every thrust. It felt so good to Cynthia that she paused
for a minue to just savor the feeling. Then I grabbed her
head and she went back to tonguing my pussy. I could feel
my pussy walls throbbing and constricting. Her hot tongue
was driving me crazy and I pushed down harder on her face.
All of a sudden, I could feel the tension build-up and the
final release, as she drank all of my juices down.

Victor was rocking and rolling and gyrating in Cynthia’s
pussy. He felt his balls becoming so hot and heavy, then
he could feel the need to shoot his load. He felt his head
throbbing, then pulsating. He could feel Cynthias’ pussy
walls contracting all around him, milking his cum out of
his cock. He tried to hold on as long as he could, but she felt
so good, so hot, so tight, so wet. Finally, he shot his load,
just as she let out a loud scream. Cynthia and Victor just
lay there, breathing heavily.
Corruption Of Innocence 2
Posted:Oct 8, 2008 5:58 pm
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2016 3:44 am

Cynthia rose up slowly and straddled me in the chair. Then
she leaned forward and teased my tongue with hers. She gently
lifted my hands up to her tits and squeezed them lightly.
My hands found a life of their own and began fondling and
squeezing her tits without any guidance from her. I flicked
her hard nipples and twisted them. They felt like hard little
pebbles between my fingers. I looked down at her huge brown
areolas and couldn’t help myself. I had to lean down and
taste that chocolate. I licked all around, savoring the
feel of her breast and bumpy areole, avoiding her nipples.
She leaned back and started purring, yes purring. Finally
I reached her nipples, first flicking them with my tongue,
and then I descended on one then the other, alternating
between sucking and gently lapping. She was moaning now
and shaking her head to and fro.

I turned to the side on the sofa, so I could slowly ease her
down, licking down to her belly button. I paused to nuzzle
around her soft belly and to flick my tongue in her belly
button, teasing it. I was a little nervous because I had
never been with a woman, but something inside seemed to
be guiding me as to what to do. It all came so naturally. I
backed up for a minute to look at her pussy. It was glistening
with her pussy juices and I could see her clit poking its
majestic head out. All of a sudden, something took over
and I dove down licking her pussy lips, up and down, still
not touching her clit. She moaned and was writhing her hips.
While still licking her pussy lips, I spread them and began
licking closer to her clit, circling it ever so gradually.
She was bucking her hips now. I slipped one finger in her
juicy cunt, then another, and started pumping them back
and forth, getting more turned on by the sound of her juicy
cunt. She was thrusting right along with me. I finally surrounded
her clit with my mouth, flicking at the head with my tongue,
and then sucking on it gently, rolling it all around in my
mouth, I nibbled on it briefly with my lip-covered teeth,
then return to sucking on her clit. I removed my fingers
and smelled them and licked them to taste her sweet nectar.
She murmered to let me know she didn’t appreciate me removing
my fingers.

Then I went back to her clit, licking my way from her clit
to her pussyhole. I plunged tongue into her pussy hole and
probed all around. My nose was dead into her pussy as I probed
as deep as I could. I reached up to her clit and continued
playing with it while sucking her deeply. I felt her pussy
walls contracting on my tongue and I began sucking in earnest.
Then I felt her stiffen up and her juices poured over my face.
I lapped it up as best I could.

Finally, she was still and she looked at me with a smile on
her face and said “You sure you haven’t done this before.”
Corruption of Innocence
Posted:Oct 8, 2008 5:56 pm
Last Updated:Oct 8, 2008 6:14 pm

A couple of years ago, I tried my hand at erotica. Thought I would post it here for comments

8/27/2006 11:16 pm
I was always kind of shy, never had a boyfriend. I know that
is why my friends took pity on me in a way and invited me to
a lot of things, which I usually declined. One of my friends,
Cynthia started taking a particular interest in me. She
began inviting me to her house for brunch and would share
with me her escapades about her current lover. We would
eat a big brunch which she prepared and then she would go
upstairs to get dressed, she was the kind of person who insisted
that you come with her. One day she wanted to check out where
her boyfriend, who was married, lived. Well her mouth dropped
open when she say where he lived. Evidently he had been telling
her he had no money and was really poor. That may have been
the case, but his home was quite impressive. She was silent
on the way home. I could tell she needed time to be alone so
I just went on my way.

The next week she called again and invited me over for brunch.
She seemed to be in good spirits and after we had eaten she
went upstairs to change, calling for me to join her. This
was nothing new as I often would join her in her bedroom and
talk to her while she was getting dressed. She went into
the bathroom and took her shower, still talking to me as
she dried off. She usually dressed somewhat in the bathroom
before coming out. But this time when she came out she was
stark naked. She came out and stood directly in front of
me. Out of modesty, I kept my eyes on the floor. But I felt
a slight twinge in my pussy. It seems like I could feel the
heat rising.

The silence grew unbearable so I finally raised my eyes,
since I realized she wasn't going anywhere. And oh
my God, she had the most amazing body I had ever seen. Smooth
chocolate skin like chocolate butter, her tits were a large
C, but they were full and not saggy. She kept herself in
excellent shape. From those big tits to the small little
waist to those hips to die for. Not too wide, but the baby
definitely had back. I slowly looked her up and down, and
when I reached her eyes again, I was locked in a lustful gaze.
Slowly she raised her hands and started fondly those beautiful
breasts and licking her finger, starting playing with
her nipples. I was wet now and couldn't take my eyes
away. She even lifted up one of her breasts and started sucking
on the nipple. I was lost now, didn't know what to do,
I was rooted to the spot.

Then she let her breast dropped and just smiled at me. She
approached me and kissed me lightly on the lips, then she
slowly unbuttoned my blouse and removed it. Then she stood
back and gazed intently in my eyes. She then kissed me again
with more passion, darting her tongue in my mouth until
my tongue joined in, seemingly without any willpower.
She was a little shorter than me, but the feeling of those
luscious boobs pressed up against my body was too much,
along with her hands running up and down my back. We broke
from our kiss, both of us breathing rather hard and she opened
my pants and slowly unzipped them. She lowered them, kissing
my thighs on the way down. Then when she got to the bottom,
she lifted first my right then my left foot. I was standing
before her in only my lace panties.

She leaned forward and sniffed my crotch deeply and began
licking my lace panties. That sensation felt so good, I
closed my eyes and lost myself in the feeling. At some point,
she moved the panties to the side and went directly to my
labia, licking the lips delicately. I almost swooned from
her ministrations. I don't even remember how and when
but my panties came off at some point and she parted my legs
a little, then spread my pussy lips so she could attack my
clit and she did that with gusto, alternating with flicking
her tongue against the head. I have a big clit and she was
sucking it like she was sucking a dick. Good thing there
was a chair behind me because my legs gave way and I fell into
it. She didn't miss a stroke, just lifted my legs over
her shoulders and continued sucking and lapping. I was
moaning and my hips were grinding. I grabbed her head and
forced my pussy into her face even more. I was so wet and I
could smell the scent of my sex in the air. I had never felt
this good before. My toes even tingled it was so good. Then
I felt this tightening within me. It felt like my insides
just turned to liquid as I felt myself cumming and cumming.
I could hear the sounds of throat as she drank every last
drop of my cum. When she finally lifted her head and tilted
it to the side and said "Now its my turn."
Being Nude....
Posted:Oct 2, 2008 3:25 pm
Last Updated:Nov 30, 2008 12:34 pm

I have drifted toward the naturalist lifestyle. I am comfortable (well, so to speak) with my body and have no problem showing it. When I cam most of the time I am nude. But, unlike a lot of women, I don't always give a show. Of course the men like it when you give a show, they are always giving directions, which is a turn-off to me. However, when I am just chatting, I am usually relaxed and comfortable. Some men have commented how that turns them on.

I went into a chat room the other day which supposedly was geared toward nudists and naturalists, and of course I was nude. Well first of all, most of the folks in there were clothed, which was a surprise to me. There was one women in there who got very upset with folks whispering her, even though you can set up your blocks so as not to receive unwanted whispers. In a way, I could understand when guys say some women give out mixed signals. She was clothed, doing some very suggestive moves on cam with a dildo. Of course, that would get the guys attention.

As I said, I was au naturel. Another thing that gets me is that all these guys, who are not on cam, think they can give you directions as to what to do. I will talk to just about anyone. But do not ask me to do a private cam with you when you are not even on cam in the public room.

All of these frustrated directors.
New Cam Pics
Posted:Jan 12, 2008 10:22 pm
Last Updated:Oct 2, 2008 3:15 pm

I figure it is time to update my video introduction...Those videos are getting old, I did them a year ago. But I have to be in the mood to get into it, just not in it right now. I wish I could just add on but as a standard I can only have five. Maybe I will keep a couple of the old ones, probably the ones with the highest views.

Still got some folks hating on me.....LOL
Crude Emails
Posted:Dec 2, 2007 10:32 am
Last Updated:Oct 3, 2008 3:39 pm

I am used to getting the emails from males that just say "wanna fuck". Got one the other day from a female that just said "wanna hook up". I understand that the purpose of this site is for people to meet one another for "adult entertainment". But give me a reason to want to meet you. I am not exactly hard-up to the point where I will just flock to whoever shows me attention.

I think the female was part of a couple that swings solo and together. I am not sure what her interest was/is. BTW, I dismissed her.

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