thoughts on my futureroomate and college  

brownshug_87 29F
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8/1/2006 10:32 pm

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8/3/2006 3:38 pm

thoughts on my futureroomate and college

im the type of person who obsesses over the future. i always like to have shit planned out, even though most likely they wont turn out the way i want. so im trying to go to sleep but cant because so many thoughts are running through my head. i try fantasizing again. just the usual shit, guy coming over, eating me out and fucking me(no one in particular, just a faceless guy). i thought i would go to sleep afterwards, i sure had a good orgasm but im here writing this. im about to leave soon and go off to college. i already know a lot of people are upset because they want to fuck me before i go. im just worried about what my roommate is going to be like. i hope she is hot. im hoping she will change in front of me and wear shorts all the time. makes me laugh that im thinking like this because i usually dont think about girls a lot, not like i do guys. but anyways they seem like bad thoughts but I DONT CARE! i dont care about changing in front of her. when i went to my orientation, i changed i know at least one time in front of the girl i was staying with, because i was tired of going to the restroom. she didnt change in front of me though. she wore shorts all time, most of the girls i saw wore shorts, kind of made me feel like i should gets some shorts myself. it would be great though if my roommate and i were to click and hook up, then i could tell yall what goes on between us, but i dont think that is going to happen, just a dream.i already know im going to be partying(im not hopefully going to get crazy drunk, im not really that type of person) and clubbing, i dont think i could stay in my dorm room like i do here in my room, i want to have some damn fun. i dont even think i will meet any guys that will like me, and im trying not to worry about this stuff. i just want to get college done with and move on with my life, im already thinking about what i want to do after college. i already know that im not going to be having much sex, probably not at all. but im a very hormonal person, i think about sex morning, noon and night. im just hoping to have a good time, have a better experience than i had in high school. i hope to god because high school was terrible. whatever happenes sex wise, i will be sure to write it in my blog.

CloudLewisJesus 58M
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8/3/2006 6:21 am

Nothing more hotter then girls having sex and that's a hell of a fantansy and hope it works out and yes tell me all about it!

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