You can watch but not touch...  

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8/6/2006 1:06 pm

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You can watch but not touch...

I'm not a really imaginative person. im not really good at retelling stuff. i didnt put any dialogue in this fantasy. so just check it.

I had this fantasy this morning when i couldnt go to sleep. I fantasized about being in a room that was all pink, even the light, there was a pole in the middle of the room, and a pink sofa. And a mirror that only the person on the opposite side could see through. I know someone is watching me when the light light bulb by the mirror turns on red.Then i start to play with myself on the sofa. first i wet my finger and begin to finger myself. open my lips with two fingers then with my other hand i slide a finger in and out of my pussy hole slowly. I close my eyes and flick my tongue over my right nipple. While im doing all this i know the guy watching me probably has his pants unzipped and is rubbing his dick at the same rhythm im fingering my pussy. Just when im about to have an orgasm i feel a little air on me and open my eyes to a beautiful women who is totally naked. She has hazeal eyes, long black wavy hair, big volumptuous breasts, and a little brush of cut hair between her legs. i sit up and wet my finger then slide it in her pussy hole. I can tell that she is already wet, and by putting my finger in, it has made her more.While im fingering her, i start sucking on her click.and she rocks her hips against my mouth. She tastes so good and sweet, i feel like i can't get enough of her juices. i have her sit on top of me so i can play with her breasts. i suck on her nipples, making them red and hard. We both lay down on the sofa and begin to make out like crazy, her hands are all over my body.We're grinding against each other and sucking on each other's tongues. And i know this is making the guy watching crazy bcuz he can't come inside and fuck us. she kisses and slowly sucks on both of my nipples, then kisses until she gets between my legs. Presides to lick me up and down and put her whole mouth on my pussy. this makes me so wet and i push her head closer. She slides her whole tongue in my pussy. I'm about to have an orgasm, that's when she gets up and leaves.
i get up off the sofa and dance and grind my body against the pole. turn my back and slide down to the floor and split my legs open. So the guy watching can see my wet pussy at a different angle. I then slide my finger from ass to click and lick it. i get up aand sit back on the sofa. i start up again playing with myself. i close my eyes and fantasize about a guy having his strong hands on my body. i get this overwhelming feeling that im on the verge of having an orgasm. I'm panting and breathing hard. Then let out this long moan. and sit there for a while looking at the mirror wondering what's going through the stranger's mind. and i know i'm not suppose to see the person but this time i have a change of heart because i didn't want the red light to go out before i had a chance to see his face. i run out of the room when i see it turn off. but when i get to the other side of the mirror where there is only a chair, the guy is already gone. so i head back to the private room and wait till the light turns on again.

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