Reflecting on the fantasy I had last night  

brownshug_87 29F
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7/28/2006 8:58 am
Reflecting on the fantasy I had last night

I couldnt sleep last night, the tv wasn't helping so i starting fantasizing about a guy laying in bed with me and we were both naked. i havent had someone spend the night for a few months, i kind of miss that. the guy i talked about in one of my other blogs, doesnt have time, rather be in his bed or gots to work. i understand he's living under someone elses roof and is a good guy but you got to be bad sometimes. anyways i was fantasizing about the guy touching me all over my body and resting his hand sometimes on one part of my body and just rub and caress it.Then i imagined him pressing his dick up against my ass and rubing it against my leg, and could feel him cum on my leg. He would whisper in my ear that he wants to fuck me so bad but will take it slow with me. Then we would start rolling around until i was on top of him, and ride his dick slow but hard. as im doing this im getting really wet. he rolls on top of me then starts fucking me slow and breathing hard in my ear, telling things that he knows will make me more wet, which makes me start moaning. he's fucking me slow in my fantasy but im rubbing my click really fast. I have an orgasm and fall asleep. i wake up the next day, and touch myself between my legs and feel that im wet. i bounce out of bed and get ready to go to my class. i couldnt really pay attention, i saw this girl drawing on her notes, i just kept thinking about my fantasy. i was barely there mentally and when i would pay attention, i couldnt understand what the hell the professor was talking about, he was drawing circles around the words he was writing and arrows, so i just zoned back out. i stretched one time and felt something on my back, i touched my back realized my bra had snapped loose. and just acted like nothing happened. i got my third exam back and got an A, which made me happy cause i didnt do so good on my other ones, even though i passed them. then i realized that he had counted one of my answers wrong when it was right, and i was thinking yea motherfucker come and bring your ass over here and correct this shit. then when class was over, i thought this guy who drove by me was going to holler at me and i was thinking my day is getting better and better. but all he told me was that there was something wrong with my brake lights. and i thought what the hell is wrong with this car now.

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