Studies in patience  

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3/20/2006 5:24 pm
Studies in patience

Today was one of those days when I truly realized just why I don't have kids of my own. All in all, the day was great. I invited a friend and her kids for a 'girls day out' during spring break, and we had a great time at the children's museum. It was just that her 5-year old was really acting out all day. From the start this morning it was an uphill battle for Mom and the rest of us. First, she didn't want to eat her breakfast. All of a sudden, the cereal that she loves to eat every morning wasn't what she liked to eat. She didn't want to eat a waffle with the rest of us, either. She insisted on deliberately doing little annoying things to big sister, and all we heard for the next hour was "stop", "Mom, she's doing so and so", etc. Then, the little one insisted on dressing herself for our little outing. Unfortunately, what she wanted to wear was her pretty slip and panties and nothing else - and it's 30° outside this morning! Then, she wanted to wear her best Sunday dress. After about 45 minutes of arguing and coaxing, Mom was able to get her to wear appropriate clothing for the day. The next thing was trying to hog the remote for the DVD player in the van. After that, was an argument with big sister over the Spongebob DVD they were playing. Mom and I nixed that one pretty quick. We turned off the DVD. She promised to behave the rest of the trip, so we turned it back on and made it to the museum without further incident.

Time at the museum was pretty good. There were enough interesting hands-on exhibits to keep her busy. She even stood still long enough in the butterfly house to almost coax a butterfly to land on her hand.

It was lunch and the trip home that gave me more respect for Mom. There was yet another argument over eating her lunch. She wouldn't sit still and spilled her chicken nuggets and fries all over the floor. She then decided to throw a tantrum on the floor in the midst of the chicken nuggets and fries. That didn't work, so she moved to another seat, and although she was sitting down, she was 'kissing' the chair back. Mom went and got a replacement nuggets and fries because she was so upset about spilling her food. This time she didn't like chicken nuggets anymore. Mom coaxed her into eating just one of the nuggets. Big sister and her 2 friends (BTW, the 3 older girls were angels compared to the little one) each took a nugget to help her eat her meal. The little one then deliberately dropped the one nugget she promised to eat on the floor and pretended it was an accident. We finally managed to get her to eat most of her fries. The trip home was a bit hairy at the start. She didn't want to sit in her seat properly and insisted on putting her feet on the back of my seat, then big sister's arm and leg. She fussed about big sister changing the DVD for the ride home, and in general was just a contrary Jane. Dad decided to call and check in when we were about half-way home, and Mom relayed her behavior for the day. Dad spoke to the little one on the phone, and for the next 20 minutes, she was a totally different child. I don't know exactly what Dad said, but it did have an impact. Anyway, now I'm exhausted and I need a nap.

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