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12/11/2005 7:17 pm

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Ramblings and miscellaneous thoughts

I know you're probably expecting to read some really juicy and steamy sexual fantasy right now. Well, Darling, although I love a great tongue and a huge package, tonight I'm just plain not in the mood.

I am under a lot of stress lately, and it has killed my sex drive. My stress started last spring when I was told that the company I worked for at the time was going to be relocating its Raleigh offices to Columbus, Ohio. That really sucked. I loved my old job, and I was just beginning to finally get out from under this HUGE debt I accumulated a few years back when I had to close my little herb shop in town.

Anyway, I decided to make the best of the situation and enroll in school - something I'd been thinking about for the past several years. My unemployment benefit would be enough to take me through until February, and all would be well.

So, I enrolled in school. About a week after I paid my tuition for the semester, I got a call from out of the blue from another company. They wanted me to come and work for them. I knew the job they wanted me to do would be a hard one, but I was up to the challenge, IF they were willing to work around my school and family obligations.

financially. It meanThat's where I made the big mistake that's got me all stressed now. I enjoyed the job at the beginning. Once school started, I had to cut my hours and that wasn't too bad. My budget was tight, but I've been paying the bills. He had me travelling every weekend after my last class, so I was able to get in a few extra hours with the flight times, and my groceries were being paid by the company. Unfortunately, they threw a big kink into my work schedule for next semester at school. I'll have a class that cuts into my travel schedule. It's going to mean that I can't make enough hours each week at my job to pay my base bills - I'll be about $50 short unless I can find a way to make more hours at my job and stay in town. And, I'm getting the impression that my boss is getting a little tired of accomodating my schedule.

Anyway, my job is just a stepping stone along the way to keep me going while I finish school. I just need to make enough money to pay my bills until I get my license in the summer and can start making a better living. In fact, if I can just make enough money away from home to pay the bills until the spring, I should be able to make it s turning the heat down another couple degrees and eating a lot of peanut butter and popcorn, but the farm income can be enough to carry me through. I'm also trying to find something closer to campus that I can do nights and weekends. Even if I have to take an hourly pay cut, knowing I'll have less responsibility will be well worth putting in the extra hours it would take to make ends meet.

And, hopefully, this semester I'll qualify for either a scholarship or a grant. I didn't qualify last semester because they base need on the previous year's tax return. Since I'm single with no dependents I made enough to be able to contribute 3 times the cost of my tuition.

Anyway, if you've read through all this, and you have any good ideas to help relieve stress or leads on jobs that an old broad who knows a little bit about a lot of things can make enough cash to get her through school, let me know.

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