How I became a nymphomaniac  

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7/11/2005 12:59 pm

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How I became a nymphomaniac

I've always been interested in sex and have had a huge appetite for carnal pleasures as long as I can remember. I used to steal my brother's porn and read it from cover to cover. Long before I lost my virginity, I used all kinds of things to keep my burning passion in check - my favorite toy was a plastic cigar case I picked up when I was 8 years old. I masturbated every day for years, sometimes using school photos of the boys in my class as stimuli. In my mind, I was a regular porn start.

Alas, I was truly a geek and the guys I grew up with and spent time with had no clue. It wasn't until I was 16 and had my first real job that I found my chance to experience real sex for the first time.

I was working for a show horse stable as a groom. Part of my job was to stay with the horses at night when we were out of town at shows. My boss would pick me up in the mornings and take me to her hotel so I could shower if I wanted. But you get really hot and sweaty working with horses all day, so I developed a habit of donning my swimsuit in the evenings and hosing off. Now, since I had been such a geek all my life and the boys never looked at me at home, I didn't realize how hot I really was. I had long golden blonde hair, and although I wasn't model material, I filled out my swimsuit in all the right places (c-cup at aget 12 does it all the time). One evening at a show in Danville, VA I noticed for the first time that I had an audience for my evening ritual. There were several male grooms standing to the side admiring me. Most were a lot older, but there was this one really hot boy standing just slightly away from the rest. Knowing he was watching me really got my juices flowing and my fantasies flying. He had thick brown hair, green eyes, a washboard stomach and the tightest ass you've ever seen. I was in heaven.

I found out a little later that he was the groom for the farm that was set up next to ours. Even better yet, his tack room (and sleeping quarters) backed right up to mine, making it really easy to start up a conversation. His name was Tony, and he very shortly began telling me exactly how hot I was and begging me for a little taste of what I had. I was a virgin and scared to death of becoming pregnant, or he'd have gotten into my pants right after the first kiss. He had to beg and coax me to let him touch me. It was heaven just hearing that someone as gorgeous as he was wanted me, and not the two other girls out there who were throwing themselves at him. After 2 days of begging and stolen kisses, I finally gave in. It was absolutely sensational. When he first entered me the pain from my cherry popping was like fire in my belly. I heard a wild moan come from somewhere far away, then realized it was me making that sound. It was so cool. He was so strong, yet gentle, and knew exactly how to touch me. I came within a few strokes of his magnificent cock. He took his time, and before it was all over, I came again and again. It was much more than I'd ever fantasized about.

Alas, I never saw him again. I found out that one of the girls that was after him was the farm owner's daughter. She was so mad that he spent his time with me that she had him fired.

I met a couple more boys who were interested in me over the next 2 years, but not enough to try to sleep with me. So, the next chance I had to have sex was long over due. It didn't happen until I was in college. I went into this college hangout about 3 months into the first semester and my eyes met the most incredible blue eyes I'd ever seen. I walked up to the bar to order a drink, but never got the chance. Within seconds, he had me by the hand and we were walking down the street to his apartment. He showed me the finer points of cunnilingus and a variety of positions. We had hot sex for days on end. Of course, all good things eventually come to an end. This guy turned out to be a real ass, so I moved on.

The next guy I was with was just plain fun to be around. He was pretty adventurous, too. We fucked like bunnies every chance we got, and every place we could. He was restoring a 1964 Alfa Romeo sportster, and one night we fucked on the hood of the car at about 3: 00 in the morning. He had this really old neighbor, and the guy had just come to the kitchen for a drink of water when things had just started getting good, and his kitchen window overlooked the driveway the car was parked in. I looked up and here was this 70-something year old man standing at his kitchen sink jacking off. It was probably the first sex he'd had in years.

And, of course, there was this time that we fucked on a bench in the quad during the middle of the day. I had this kinda long skirt on so I unzipped his jeans and straddled his lap. The skirt covered enough that people couldn't see his hips moving. People were walking by and most never had a clue. Those that did just gave us the thumbs up sign and kept moving.

Our favorite place was the 5th green of the local golf course, though. It had this great view of the sky at night and was just secluded enough the cops couldn't see us on their night patrol.

Alas, summer came and I went home for my annual visit. By the time I returned to school, he'd found someone else to play with, so it was time for me to move on.

My second year of college was when I had finally come into my own so to speak as far as sex was concerned. I fucked so many guys I lost count. I know it was well over 100. I had dates every night - sometimes 3 or 4 in one night. My favorite way of finding a hot guy to fuck was by hustling pool at Fat Harry's. It was this local bar that catered to the college crowd and young professionals. I'd go in wearing a short skirt and put my quarters up on the table. I was an okay shot, but I had to have a little insurance, don't you know? Make sure I bent over just far enough to let my opponent know I wasn't wearing panties. It would never fail, my 50 cent investment would get me dinner, drinks, and at least one orgasm. More than once it also got me breakfast and invitations to the hottest parties in town.

I had my first 3 some with a couple of guys I met at another college hangout. I spotted these 2 little cuties sitting at the next table and made eye contact. Then, I licked my lips and sucked my index finger. The next thing you know, they're leading me into the stock room behind the bar and we're going at it. The bartender would steal a peek every chance he got.

At a party one night, I was invited back to the house that some of the guys on the football team shared. That was an awesome night. It was also my first gang bang. One after another these hot guys would come into the room and fuck me. Some were eager and just wanted a hard fuck. Others wanted me to blow them first. It was a cock smorgasbord, and I loved every minute. After that, I made a circuit of Fraternity row. I was the belle of the college 'ball' game.

I got into the swinging scene shortly after college where I met married couples and more mature singles who have shown me sides to the sexual world that most only fantasize about. I've been in mfm situations, fmf, orgy parties where there were too many bodies to count - all licking and sucking and fucking like you wouldn't believe. I met this one couple where the lady loved lingerie and dressed me in outfits to model for her husband for hours until she and I finally played with one another. She was my first experience eating pussy, and was oh so sweet. I've been tied up and teased with feathers, ice cubes, chocolate sauce, and a cat-o-nines. I've performed for truckers on the highway. I've been fucked in cars, bars, hotels, motels, movie theaters, park benches, hot tubs, bathroom counters, showers, living room floors, ambulances, and countless other places.

At 40, I'm still a young woman, and I've got lots more fantasies to fulfill. I want to do more gang bangs, have sex under a waterfall, join the mile high club, fuck my brains out in a limo, and anything else fun you suggest. I'm ready for fun, are you?

BigJohnE4u 47M
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7/12/2005 7:44 am

Wow! You sure know how to get a horny guys attention. Why couldn't I have been at your college. I would have tried to major in fucking you and minored in eating you. Ol'well I guess I will have to skip the undergrad work and apply for your graduate program. I would love to work on my PhD of hot fun sex with you. I love the pool table story. I bet you had guys just lined up for you to bend over and bust their balls. Let me know if you want to work out some of those fantasies. I like the idea of the limo trip. By the way if you have that party you mentioned since you neighbors are away let me know.

so3e 68M
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7/15/2005 9:31 am

Sorry not to buy the nympho, so quick on heals of the other tale they read like out of different novels as meeting some menu on erotic fantcy of internet porn script design, rather than memories -but do keep posting, girl, for gaining real experiences. Perhaps residing nearer, my sailer stuff may have competed, between cooperating. Best wishes.

rm_Genji21 43M
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7/21/2005 12:23 pm

Hey, I'm a virgin guy. If you have a fantasy regarding deflowering a virgin, let me know.

broadluvs77 52F

7/21/2005 5:08 pm

Thanks for the invitation, Genji21, but you might be an old man if you try to wait until I make it out to that side of the country again. I'm going to have to limit my travel to local venues for the forseeable future, but if things change, or if you happen to find yourself on this side of the country,.....

keystonenc 42M
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7/23/2005 1:17 pm

Man, how come I can't meet someone this fun?

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