broadluvs77 52F
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3/23/2006 3:30 am

I dreamed that I was living in New Orleans again, and that I was working at a store that sold private dances - peepshow style. I wasn't a dancer, though. I worked behind the counter in the sex toy department. Anyway, I'd been seeing a guy for a while and recently he hadn't been calling as often and had even stood me up the day before (my day off). I came in to work and was chatting with one of the dancers while it was slow. I happened to look down at the dance log and saw that he had come in for a private dance at the exact time we were supposed to have our date. Since it was a dream there were a lot of strange things going on - 1st off, it was weird as hell to keep a record of who came in for dances, but even weirder to omit who danced for them. Why wasn't I pissed off about him standing me up to get a private dance? Why was I even back in New Orleans in the first place? What the hell made me come up with that stupid scenario? Maybe it all had something to do with the fact that I fell asleep with my vibrator in my hand last night. I've never been in the mood to masturbate and fallen asleep before I finished. Hell, I didn't even turn the damned vibrator on or stick it in. The last thing I remember is rubbing my nipples while imagining a new 'friend' fondling and kissing them. It's amazing how the brain works when we're asleep.

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