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7/25/2005 7:06 pm

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Today, I am tired, but life is great. About 6 weeks ago I was laid off from my job. I knew it was coming and made plans to go back to school and utilize my unemployment options so I could take care of some things on the farm and not HAVE to work while I was studying. I was so excited about having the time to take care of all the weeding in my display gardens and to clean up my very neglected shop so I could open it back up to the public next spring - until it got so hellishly hot. I couldn't accomplish much in any given day because the only cool hours were before sunup, and it was starting to seriously depress me. To make a long story short, I got an e-mail from someone who wanted to hire me based on my reputation from my old job. They had no problem letting me make my own schedule based on my school schedule, pay me what I asked for my salary, and buy me a laptop computer to use when I'm traveling on company business. I couldn't refuse that offer, so I took the job. It's amazing how much energy I've found in the past few days.

You know what makes it even better? My love was able to schedule a couple days off so we can spend some quality time together. He will be coming over Wednesday afternoon, and I can have him in my arms until Thursday night! I'm just creaming in my panties thinking of all the possibilities! I keep picturing myself running and jumping into his arms when he arrives like on some old movie, wrapping my legs around his waist, and letting him carry me to the bed. I keep imagining his kisses. So soft, yet so passionate, his mustache tickling my lips ever so slightly as our mouths melt together - tongue exploring tongue, tasting the sweetness each has to offer up.

Thinking of his warm hands caressing my breasts as we kiss, just makes the nipples hard as rocks, like little pebbles stuck to the soft roundness underneath the palm of his hand.

I'll run my fingers through his thick hair and thrill at the response his body makes to my touch as I trail my fingertips over his shoulders and down his back. Just a little pressure with my nails and he moans ever so softly. Then, I'll run my hands over his manly chest and brush his nipples with my fingertips. They'll spring to life like little soldiers standing at attention (I love the fact that he has such sensitive nipples!) waiting to be licked and sucked. I'll try to give each just a little nip as his lips move from mine to my neck and shoulders.

He'll tickle my body with his beard and mustache as he trails little kisses down to my nipples where he'll lick and suck each one, gently rolling them between his lips and making them even harder than they already were.

My hands involuntarily clench and I dig my nails into his shoulders. This elicits a moan of sheer carnal pleasure from somewhere deep in his throat and he ever so gently moves down my stomach, drawing circles with his tongue around my belly button. He slowly parts my thighs with his hands and ever so lightly kisses the inside of my thighs - so light that I can hardly feel his touch, but the electricity from his touch is almost too much to bear.

But, my lover is a bit of a tease. He continues to kiss my legs, calves, and even my feet. He takes a toe between his teeth and playfully nips it with his teeth before sucking it.

Once he's sucked all my toes, he slowly works his way back up my legs to find that one sweet, wet spot where he ever so slowly teases with his tongue until I can't stand it anymore. I'm moaning and thrashing on the bed in pleasure. My hands go back into his hair and I try to pull him into me. I let out a primal, animal scream from way down in my soul as I cum all over his face.

Once I cum, and my body starts to settle back to normal, he moves to lay beside me and kiss me as deeply and as passionately as when we first started making love. I'm not ready to be kissed like that, though. I want all of him in me. So I roll over onto him and I start licking and kissing him all over. I place a trail of tiny kisses down his chest and stomach. I take his engorged cock in my hand and marvel at his size and strength. He is so hard and thick. I want to taste it. I start by licking it from the base to the tip, ever so gently. I take him into my mouth and slowly open my throat for him and swallow, then I begin to suck and lick his entire cock with my mouth working up and down while I gently cup his balls in one hand. I keep doing this until I'm so totally into the taste and feel of him that my other hand goes up and follows the motion of my mouth, squeezinf and caressing his cock until he is almost ready to cum.

By this time, I want to feel his thick hardness inside of me so bad that I stop and straddle him. I settle down onto his hard cock and wrap my arms and legs around him. We roll together so that he's on top, and he begins pumping into me. I can feel his cock all the way inside me, touching my g-spot and making me squirt once again. The walls of my pussy contract and squeeze down as he pulls back to stroke into me again, matching his rhythm as he gets even harder. His cock feels so good sliding in and out of my hot, wet, tight puss. We both are moaning and slamming our hips together, totally lost in one another. I start to feel an orgasm building from somewhere deep in my core. He's growling and moaning even louder. Just as I start to cum and I can feel the muscle contractions in my own body, his body tenses and he starts to cum, too - filling me with his seed, our juices mingling and soaking the sheets.

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