An evening to remember <blindfold II cont'd>  

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An evening to remember <blindfold II cont'd>

Last weekend was a really bad weekend for timing for my lover and I. We'd planned to have all day and all night together on Saturday, but he got called into work just as we were settling in for the day. I was almost heartbroken that he was taken away from me so soon, and I was ready to let his boss really have it for ruining my weekend. My lover's weekend got even worse. There was a chemical spill at the facility and he was exposed to it. It gave him a serious headache and blurred vision, one of the other guys had to go to the emergency room, and their job was delayed due to the paperwork involved with the accident. On Sunday evening, my lover managed to break away from his busy weekend and come visit me for a few hours. This is what he wrote about the evening:

When I arrived at her front door it had a little sticky note "Follow the candles." As I weaved my way though the dimly lit house seeing each candle lighting my path leading me to the bedroom.
I slowly entered the bedroom. She was ready and waiting on the bed. I removed my clothing and very gently laid down beside her and we kissed for what seemed to be hours.
I can still taste her on my lips. I used my mustache and go-tee to stimulate her nipples. She gasped. As a answer I ever so gently opened my mouth and used my lips to bring her already erect nipples to being rock hard. Being a bit naughty I playfully bit her nipple and she made high pitched "auhh" I used the hair on my wrist to tickle the rest of her body starting with her arms following them down to her under arms and as soon as I got close to her underarm she shuttered. I continued down along her midriff and down to the top of her leg and starting to go toward her shaven pussy. As I got closer I move to her inner thigh and I could feel her tremble. I could tell that she was ready. I change ticklers to using my go-tee and when I got to her sweet pussy I could smell the slight aroma of her and I couldn't wait to taste it, MMMMM it was so good. I gently placed her heels on my shoulders and I moved in a little bit closer spreading her open. I started moving my tongue up and down the side of her clit.
Being careful not to touch the top of her clit just yet. I plunged my tongue deep inside her and tasted her inner juices , MMMM so sweet. I start flicking my tongue up and down the other side of her clit and I can feel it swelling. I stop licking and wrap my lips around her clit and apply a little bit of suction. She whispers "Oh Simon.". With my lips still around her clit I take my tongue and flick the tip of her clit slowly as she groans "Don't stop". I start moving my tongue faster and she grabs my head with both hands and pushes my face hard in to her. That yells me to lick harder and faster. I put my finger close my tongue and get it nice and wet in-between flicks and gently slip it inside of her flexing it up and gently massage her G-spot.
She cums hard, I can feel her gripping my finger as I flex just the tip of my finger up and down in sync with my tongue. She cums all over my finger and my face. While she is still recovering I prop up her knees and slip my cock inside of her. Just by the look on her face I can tell that she wasn't ready for it.

To be continued:

He challenged me to finish the story, and I'm not sure I can truly do it justice. I have a hard time articulating things that are so intense.

Anyway, the night was pretty much like my lover described it. When he said he could come over, I washed up really quick and got ready to see him. I wanted to surprise him with something kind of romantic, and thought of the candles. So, I found every candle that I could and used them to light a path from the front door to the bedroom. I pulled back the sheets on the bed and undressed. Then, I walked the floor until I heard him drive up. It seemed like forever, but couldn't have been more than 10 minutes.

When I heard him open the door, I lay on the bed spread eagle. He had this silly grin on his face when he saw me, and he removed his clothes in record time. He began making sweet love to me with his lips, his mustache, his hands, his entire body. Just the thought of him touching me so softly and kissing me sends a shiver down my spine. He does things to me that just turn my insides to jelly. He teased me with his tongue and kisses all over my body until I thought I would just burst. He gently teased my pussy with his tongue, all around my clit, but not quite touching it. He inserted a finger into my pussy and I couldn't help but to squeeze down on it to let him know it felt so good. When he finally touched his tongue to my clit, I could feel the orgasm building from somewhere way deep inside. It began crashing over me and I completely lost myself in him. Wave after wave of sheer pleasure was rushing through my body. Every muscle was quaking.

He stopped just as I thought I couldn't take any more pleasure. My pussy walls were trembling and contracting. My juices were soaking the sheets. He sat back and looked me in the face for a minute, then he entered me with his rock hard cock. I was still throbbing from the orgasm of my life when he entered me and it was total shock to my system. I didn't expect him to be so hard or for my body to react so strongly to his big cock. I wanted him so badly. My entire being was pulling him deep inside and my pussy walls were throbbing so hard and furiously. I was still recovering from the first orgasm and I could feel the second one building up already. He began stroking slowly, deliberately. The look of sheer pleasure on his face told me he felt every little contraction of my muscles. The deeper he stroked, the tighter I became. It was if my body was trying to make him a real part of me, keeping rythm with his every stroke until we were both ready to explode. I could feel the waves of pleasure washing over me again just as his hot cum began to fill me. My own juices mingling with his was pure ecstacy.

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