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10/7/2005 4:47 am

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Well, this week of mid-term exams is basically over, and I am SOOOO glad about that!!! I aced my therapeutic massage written and practical (I did so well on the practical that the instructor I worked on had to come and tell me right away!. I didn't do so well on the anatomy test I took this week, but since the instructor drops the lowest grade in the class, I should still come out with a good grade by semester's end.

I finally got to participate in the massage clinic this week, after finding out that I needed to get a chicken pox vaccination before I could actually work on people. You wouldn't believe how hard it is for an adult to get a chicken pox vaccination - and how expensive it is. The health department in Raleigh was the only place I could get it, and since I'm not on Medicaid, I had to pay for the shots (there are 2 of them). Luckily, the clinic just charges cost for people not on aid, but it is still $95 per shot!!! Now, that really hurts!!!

The first clinic I participated in, my clients all gave me great feedback and said that they couldn't believe that I was just a first semester student. They're both going to come back to clinic and want my card when I get my license next summer. That definitely made me feel great about my decision to spend all this money I don't have on school.

Now, as far as my love life,....

I'm a bit excited about tonight. My new 'friend' will be coming over after work. I am more than ready for a night in someone's arms after this week, and I'm glad I'm going to be spending it in HIS arms. I want to do something to make the evening memorable, but can't quite decide what to do. Maybe having a bath drawn when he gets here so he can wash the day's stress and crud off before we curl up together,.... Lots of candles,... meet him at the door dressed in something sexy,.... Ooh! I'm getting wet just thinking about the possibilities!

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