You meet some strange people  

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3/9/2005 4:33 am

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You meet some strange people

Has anyone noticed there are a lot of strange people on this site? -) Now I know we could all be viewed as strange by narrow minded people, what I mean is the time wasters.

As you all know it is easy to spot the fake profiles on here but what is not so easy is to spot those who appear genunine but in the end just mess you about.

Both myself and friends (male and female) on this site have entered into correspondence with people on this site, exchanged emails, photos, phone calls and in many cases have used a web cam for chats and other activities -) (what ever turns you on) but when it comes to the crunch and they offer to meet someone the other party dries up and backs out sometimes before meeting but sometimes on the date itself. Very frustrating to say the least. The interesting thing is that in many cases the other party wants to keep in touch, this is after saying they don't want to meet, don't want to phone. When did this site become a pen friends site? Have all the serious people given up on here?

Answers on a postcard who knows it may lead to a great relationship as long as you don't want to touch -)

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3/9/2005 10:00 am


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3/19/2010 9:19 pm

Fer sure

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