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7/4/2005 3:47 pm

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I watched a very nice lady on her webcam and was in the room where she was chatting. It made a big difference that I was part of her interaction with the room. Significantly better than just gatecrashing someone from the "View Other Members Webcams" page. When she stood up with her ass to the cam, showing off her pussy and stroking it, it brought me off nicely.

A couple of hours later I was feeling frisky again and had another quick one. No particular stimulus, I just got the urge. It's late now and I am feeling horny again. What I get from this is that frequent use seems to be making me more able to have more fun. Or maybe I'm just on a roll, I dunno.

Sent out an invite to a guy who seems to like doing what I like to do. It got me very excited just looking at his nicely formed cock and fantasizing about him IM-ing me and what would happen next.

Actually, I've sent out quite a few today. I'm working on the theory you need to network and be patient before the results start rolling in. "If you want to succeed, double your failure rate," somebody famous said. I also posted a request for jacking in the UK; can't wait to see what interest it gets.

So it's still early days, but I'm still optimistic.

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