Is intelligence sexy?  

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2/3/2006 7:05 am

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Is intelligence sexy?

I've always been intelligent. I am a pretty smart person. Okay, I'm a nerd. But I have always valued that part of myself. I have always taken pride in my brain. So why do the kids I work with act like it is a crime to be intelligent? They revel in the fact that they can't spell even the simplest words. They love that they have to count on their fingers to add 2 + 2. We are talking about 13 and 14 year-olds here! None of them can multiply or divid. They have a heart attack if they even see a fraction. God forbid, they should actually have to read the textbook to get answers. I get frustrated beyond belief with them sometimes because if someone doesn't stand right over them and feed them every answer, then they don't bother TRYING to do their work.

Is intelligence and smarts something that is no longer desired or wanted? One of the other teachers came across an interesting tidbit from Kentucky. They had figured the average salary of a high school graduate was about $30+K while a high school dropout averaged $18K per year. When the difference was multiplied over a 45 year work career, they figured that the high school dropout missed out on approximately $500,000.00!
I know I could use that extra half a million. Even when they were presented with this fact, many of the students still expressed the intent to drop out as soon as they were legally able to. Of those that want to graduate high school only about 1/3 of them want to go to college. The students that are in the honors and GT classes are almost shunned from the rest of the kids in regular classes. But what I've noticed is that the ones in those higher classes feel better about themselves and each other. They only date wihin their classes and if someone from outside the honors or GT group asks them out, then those outsiders are turned down. Well, they are usually turned down. There are some that manage to get dates. But those are the regulra kis that are always trying to get help with their work so that they can pass their classes.

Maybe if that group continues to value their intelligence and the intelligence of others, then MAYBE other kids their age will begin to value it also. I know that I will not even talk to someone that can't have an intelligent conversation with me. It grates on my nerves when a man writes to me and spells like he is one of my eighth graders. I can understand shortening words on text messages or IMs. In text messages it is a matter of time or having to pay for eash text message so you say as much as possible in as few keystroks as necessary. In IMs we often shorten words because we arent always typing with both hands and it is much easier to shorten words in that case. But if you email me then use proper English and use correct spelling.

Yes, I am biased toward intelligence. If you can't speak to me or write to me in an intelligent manner than don't waste my time. So what about you out there? Do you value intelligence? How imoortant is intelligence when you consider dating someone.

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3/3/2006 2:31 pm

Don't be fooled. Intelligence is worth looking for.
If I can't have an intelligent conversation about something other than what kind of person you were in high school, why would I consider going out with you? Sure, it's easier to talk about that, but once you get past that point, what else can you speak about? Do you care what's happening in the world outside your bubble?
Absolutely...intelligence is necessary.


8/4/2006 1:22 pm

HI there, I was just looking through the edna and victoria blogs because i will soon be moving to edna for my new job. I came across your blog and found you to be very well spoken , open minded and all in all a nice person, but thats just what i got out of ur blogs. Intelligence does play a big part in a friendship or a relationship. You can't really relate to someone if you can't hold a good conversation with them. If you don't mind me asking what kind of luck you have had with AdultFriendFinder in ur area.

realman2203 40M

8/10/2006 7:33 pm

Yes I think if your smart your sexy too!I'm interested in meeting a smart lady too!Everybody is sexy in there own way.I think your so hot.I would like to meet up with you.

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