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1/30/2006 8:22 pm

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Okay so once again I ended up turning into an exhibitionist on cam with someone I met on AdultFriendFinder. Don't get me wrong I do enjoy the cam sessions. I have discovered that I truly enjoy it when I have more than one guy watching me at a time and they all have their cams going too. I like watching them masterbate along with me. Last night it dawned on me why this turns me on so much. One of my most secret fantasies is being with two guys at once. The cam sessions offer me a chance to fulfill that fantasy with little or no risk. Maybe one day I will find a male on male that I can watch. But if I don't find that then no big deal. Of course this is one reason that I want to see BrokeBack Mountain. I have been fantasizing about seeing that movie with a male friend and then making out with him after I get so turned on by watching Heath and Jake go at it on screen. Hell, just the kissing scene that they showed on Oprah the other day turned me on. But anytime I mention wanting to see the movie with a guy he promptly tells me "HELL NO" oh well. I guess that fantasy won't get fulfilled any time soon.

One other thing. With February just a couple of days away my thoughts have turned to Valentine's day. I haven't been able to celebrate V-Day with dinner or movie and good sex session in years. (See previous post about the soon to be ex husband). SO now I feel like I have a seriuos mission for my quest. Although at the rate I am finding guys in my area I doubt that it will happen and i will end up spending valentines with my daughter and my parents. God that sucks just to think about it.

hornintx 48M
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1/31/2006 3:16 pm

I will go see the movie with you. It's just a movie

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