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9/4/2005 3:30 am

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twisted little mind

been on IM chatting to all and sundry. It's strange how things are, I chatted with a girl whos name was someting like Tarajika, I had a picture of a Japanese girl in my mind, we had the chat room to outselves, and we took care of anyone entering (we were very inhospitable), and we were having fun, even though we knew we were to far away to do anything but chat (I had gone into the UMW room by mistake), then she told me what her name meant in Swahili. Yes I had to do a major re-adjustment to the mental picture I had formed (she was still pretty, just different), so it me made wonder how much I infer from names, faces, shapes, that aren't necessarily true.

Now, I'm even more confused and twisted, about who everybody else is.

I had a girlfriend once, who insisted that most people aren't really there, they are just shadows, put here for the real people to interact with. I asked her if you could have sex with a shadow, and she said she did it all the time before she met me. I wonder if she said that to all the boys? Anyway we weren't together long, her ideas didn't stand up to the light. Her shadow was twisted.

So what is the nature of reality? Is my life just the simple dream of a god? Do any of us exist and how would we know? I wish I had the time and will power to read Rene Descartes works. Then again he was French so what would he know?

Too tired now to continue, sleep will come, when I tell it to.

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