Writing in Cuniform, the product recognition Phallacy  

bri_tish 60M
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10/15/2005 8:57 am

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Writing in Cuniform, the product recognition Phallacy

Have you ever noticed how many womens products are shaped like dicks? There are drinks, hair sprays, deodourants, perfumes and a whole load of other things. Do the manufactureres expect them to be reused when the product runs out, as a dildo? If so they'd better make sure the lids stay on!
So where are the pussy shaped products for men? triangular bikini line bottles, packaging that can flap open at the bottom, containers with a hole going through them and little hard to find buttons that don't always work? (Oh, no that's just my keyboard)
If women have phallic designs, then men should have cuniform products, it's only fair, and a step was made in the right direction, when men's products became single coloured (all red or all white or all blue), we like the curtains to match the carpet, but why does it have to have all the sexuallity of a brick? The last pussy shaped product on the market was the martini glass, isn't it about time for more?
When I start brewing my pussy flavoured beer, I'm put a pussy shaped label on it, and a pube in every bottle, a bit like the worm in tequilla but easier to swallow. I'm thinking of adding a line of life sized triangular pussy flavoured corn chips, so men can eat pussy anywhere, anytime, even at a church social, and hopefully get a sudden unexpected urge to drink a couple of bottles of beer
Talking of beer, I'd better get moving the Wichita Beer festival starts in 2 hours, and I haven't lined my stomach yet.

I have to thank Mzhunyhole the Queen of Blogland for cheering me up this morning, perhaps she'll read this some time and post a comment?

Hugs y'all
Kisses some
creams for a few

AlbertPrince 57M

10/16/2005 7:13 am

Another great idea. I sense a theme developing here.

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