Wichita & vicinity limericks  

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10/8/2005 6:54 pm

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Wichita & vicinity limericks

Got bored & looked in the phone book to see where Haven was (heard it mentioned), then saw all these strange places around ICT, and they looked as though they might make a rhyming blog entry. So here are a few, but didn't end up with one for Haven, even though it rhymes with "shaven".

There was a young girl from Rose hill
Who wanted to go on the pill
Her Mom said "no way"
"It'll only make you stray!"
So now her best friends massengill.

An adventurous girl from Wichita
took a boyfriend for sex in her car
She sat on his dick
but found the gear stick
more satisfying by far!

An inventor living in Cheney
shrank his wife till she was quite teeny
though she was annoyed
he was overjoyed
She's the perfect size for his weinie

A factory worker from White Water
chased after the boss's daughter
he said class prejudice sucks
I want to see if she fucks
and he did and she did when he caught her

A dirty old man from Hays
loved to hookup with strays
at the bus station he'd be
waiting patiently
looking for young runaways

A bondage babe from Mt Hope
tied up her friend with a rope
a scarf for her eyes
then she called in the guys
so that they could all have a grope

A rotten little tease and tormentor
met a bad boy from near Valley Center
she teased him a plenty
then said her names penny
so he used & abused her and spent her.

An overweight girl from Sedgewick
complained of feeling quite sick
it came on without warning
early each morning
ever since she first sat on a prick!

An Andale man was distraught
while catching a plane got caught short
He'd been needing to pee
all through security
but then this is "Incontinent Airport"

A young mother from Park City
only had one titty
her baby grew thin
'cause the evil twin
was greedy, what a pity

The crazy woman from Belle Plaine
Thought she carried a guilty stain
on her fingers and thumb
from her ex-boyfriend cum
now she's certifiably insane

The klepto maid from Augusta
hid stolen things under her duster
but she'd be flat on her back
paying the guys back
because EVERYDAY they would bust her

A masochist boy from Mulvane
never takes drugs for his pain
he'd flay at his dick
with a cruel thin stick
again and again and again

A college girl from Bel Aire
Lifted her top for a dare
she soon caught the eyes
of several guys
who deserately tried not to stare.

An Andover gay named Ben
would bendover daily for men
He'd parted his cheeks
for so many freaks
and bent over Andover again

Well if you've caught the limmerick bug, and your city/town wasn't mentioned, please feel free to add a couple. Or if you didn't catch the bug, perhaps you'd like to name a few places you'd like mentioned?

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