When you're in it up to your eyes, keep your mouth shut!  

bri_tish 60M
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10/24/2005 9:25 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

When you're in it up to your eyes, keep your mouth shut!

Just as I thought things were calming down,
I'd have time to go and eat a lunch in town
and leave early to go out painting red!
But someone gets taken sick instead!
Two months off with a project just started
who can take over, that hasn't departed?

The analyst's still here to get you up to speed,
at least till Friday, & if there's anything you need
don't hesitate to ask. Oh and by the ways
you're already behind by 14 days.
You're smiling programmer (hide my jealousy,
until this morning the description fit me)
already knows more than you about this task
so if you have questions he's the guy to ask.

I smile and say "Oh this sounds like fun"
a taste in my mouth like the barrel of a gun.
A change to shine and make an impression
then they'll want you back, so why depression?
I've proved myself once, made allies and friends
now I have to start over, like it never ends
I now have a challenge an opportunity
to impress, but from here it looks to me
not a chance to shine and secure my place
more like "It's time floor. Meet my face!"

Ok, so it isn't that bad, but no coasting till my contracts up, and I really could screw-up, or just as bad, they could bring me back later for more of the same.
But you know, those curve balls, if you know they're coming are not too hard to hit.

"The secret Kato is always to expect the unexpected".
(I think that was Clouseau, only I'm having a Dreyfus kinda day)

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