Ode D'Tolette and other odiferous ideas  

bri_tish 60M
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10/25/2005 9:58 pm

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Ode D'Tolette and other odiferous ideas

Oh porcelain you're cold again, I warmed you up last night
you should abstain, refrain, remain warm until first light
And as I sit and read a bit from Friday's Sporting section
they aptly fit my team and it, their playing makes connection!
I contemplate the whims of fate that keep me sitting here
don't underrate the need to wait until you are quite clear,
'Cause thru the fog, my pen does slog just to make a rhyme
I write my blog here on the bog, to make use of the time!
(that was a tough one to finish)

Has anyone ever written poetry about a stink?
(The Brits back home won't fully get this, it's a U.S. thing)

So harsh a smell we know it well when driving interstate
burned cabbage, garbage, stings the throat enough to strangulate
come snow & rains that smell remains, a month or 2 at least
while fur retains the crow refrains from joining in the feast
so it falls to maggots small to eat the flesh within
and later tiny coffin beetles rasp away the skin
until all that's there is nearly bare dark and sticky ground
as in life it slunk the ghost of skunk always hangs around.

Not a smell, but it still stinks.
When it's 20 below spit turns to snow & childrens water pistols
spray frozen fogs at cats and dogs of nebulous ice crystals
it has a smell this first cold spell freezing in my nose
like cold wood ash and smokey hash and nose bleeds as I froze
a tiny breeze will quickly freeze your cheeks and nose and ears
and ice your hair and lashes where cold wind brings you tears
The forcast for this icy blast of Canadian cold air
say's stay at home and write a poem into this blog and share!

I just hope someone understands what I'm saying.

AlbertPrince 58M

10/31/2005 6:17 pm

Nope. Didn't understand a word of that.

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