Gleenings - First times  

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Gleenings - First times

I want to hear some sordid tales of good or bad or indifferent sexual firsts.

Here's my starter.
The first time sex for me was with the girl across the road, Doreen Priestman was just turned 14. Now before you all start, I have to point out that I was only 11 at the time, so she was the older woman. I'm not sure how to explain my part in it (perhaps I should rephrase that), I used fingers and dick to give her pleasure, but got none myself, we'd do it at the cinema (watching the Jungle Book, if I remember correctly), in her living room with a blanket over our laps (and her brother watching) and anywhere else we could manage it.
This went on for about 4-5 months, until summer arrived, and had a vacation with my aunt and uncle, travelling up to the Lake District, and camping out. During that trip, I played with myself (well I had to keep my "hand in" didn't , and experienced my first orgasm, just before my twelth birthday (let's not dwell on birthdays right now), and couldn't wait to get back and "do it again".
Well to cut a long story before it gets to be even longer, when I returned and told her that we could both enjoy it together, at the same time, she was less than thrilled, and never let me near her again!
Is it any wonder I'm so screwed up. It probably explains why I like giving oral so much at least.
Ok then peeps. So now I've bared my sorry tale, let's see you all top that one.
Please tell if I overshare here, but the combination of "anonymity", sexual freedom, friends I've never met yet, but feel I know, all adds up to a comfy warmth that encourages candidness.
I already mentioned this in another thread, but my FIRST EVER blowjob was nearly my last. My Ex was experimenting, and was doing quite well, untill I climaxed, full force at the back of her throat. I thought she was going to spew her diaphagm (no not that one), she gagged, coughed and spluttered for about 10 minutes, never offered it again, and to be honest, I was terrified of it anyway. Some women just spoil their husbands rotten.
I have another "too embarrasing" First time. Wanna hear it? Well there's a common theme coming through here, see if you can spot it.
My ex-wife and I once tried anal sex, we were young, I got married at 19 for no other reason than to get away from home, well it went in reasonably easily, but it was as tight as can be. Then it started. She began twitching, well spasming I guess, about 4 or 5 times a second. You know jackhammer speed. Every twitch was a gentle squeeze, it was the most exciting thing I ever experienced (have you got the common thread yet), she said I should stay still and let her get used to the feel of it. And still she spasmed tightly around my dick, with no slowing no lessening of the tightness. Every 5-10 seconds, I'd lose it and twitch. Now twitch doesn't really explain it, you guys know what I mean, and the girls have felt it too, it can't be just a twitch when a fully erect penis suddenly expands 5% in every direction, it's a pulse, it's EVERYTHING. I tried with every bit of willpower I had, but twitch twitch twitch PULSE twitch, I stayed absolutely still, except for those involuntary (but Oh so good) pulses.

Anyway after a minute or two, she asked me to take it out, I pulled back a little and she quickly shifted to "unseat" me and pulled away. I was only about 2 twitches from exploding inside of her. Needless to say (common thread) she wouldn't do it again, EVER
Okay, I'll add another one. It was definately public, in fact it was a public swimming poolI was about 18 and she was a couple of years younger (legal in England), and we did it uncomfortably against the side of the pool, with people all around! No one seemed to notice two young people hugging in the water. Until that is the life guard blew his whistle at us and told us not to cuddle each other. He was too late though +
Don't you just love HAPPY ENDINGS !

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