After thoughts of a party  

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10/4/2005 8:16 pm

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After thoughts of a party

I thought the party was very tasteful, a couple of people were Quiet, and anothers was Shy. No one was naughty except naughty, and the only sinner was a saint anyway!There were people I didn't know, or didn't know I know, because they don't have pictures as well as familiar faces (boobs, butts, hair styles etc), and there was food supplied by PJ I presume which is just ANOTHER reason to say thank you to her.
There was finger food, and other types
The only miss behaving was behind the bar.
I do know there was some kissing going on though, and some dancing but as usual it was the girls mostly doing that. There was art work produced, and prizes earned, and a few beers drunk, and no drunks barred, and the DJ seemed to say that his girlfriend was a 13 year old from Thailand, but I might have misheard. Actually he said Siamese, same thing right?

The purrrfect party.

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