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A Muse

. . . Something I mentioned in an earlier post came up again today, and set me to thinking. Is it posible that Americans, driving on the wrong side of the road, could be emotionally affected by doing so? It seemed such a silly thought at first, and only said as a joke, but now I've thought a little more about it and it seems more and more possible!
. . . Please excuse the stops, they don't seem to support formatting on the blogs (anymore?) and I like paragraphs.
. . . Now where was I? Oh yeh, driving on the right. Now people here in the US say we drive on the wrong side of the road in England, and of course they are WRONG.
. . .. Lets review the history (as far as my understanding of it goes) as to why they are wrong. For thousands of years men have passed each other to the left, with their lady on their Left arm. My mum always said it was so the gentleman could pull thier swords easily and protect their ladies. Most people are still right handed, the lefties didn't get their swords out in time. When chariots drove the roads of Europe, they passed to the left so that the whips, in their right hands wouldn't strike pedestrians, only other charioteers or serfs in their carts. I believe there was a even a Papal edict, by the same pope who's geography was so bad he declared that "All roads lead to Rome" that people should pass on the left.
. . . So what went wrong? Well no-one had a LAW that said you had to pass on the left, everyone just did it, EVEN IN AMERICA. Then one fateful day, the French peasants (you had to of known they would raise their UGLY heads somewhere in this tale of stupidity) upped and took over the country. They then overturned EVERY TRADITION IN FRANCE, including the passing on the left. Yes it was the contrariness of the Frogs that overturned several thousand years of tradition into a LAW to pass on the right. All the countries bordering France had to deal with the French law and fell before the arrogant bastrads gallic insoucience. Soon all Europe had passed laws to stop people passing on the left. Except in the British Isles. No direct road conection!
. . . As a result, when the first Toll Booth road was constructed in America, it was built by German immigrants, who now drove on the right like the French did, so they put the Toll booths on the wrong sides of the road! The whole of the USA has now conected to that piece of road, and because it was easier than rebuilding some toll booths, America drives on the WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD!
. . . Now how can that have any affect on personality? Well in England we look over our right (dominant) shoulder to see who's approaching from behind, and to the right to greet/fight whoever is passing in the other direction, just as people have since the earliest man ,now if you drive on the right, people overtake you on the non dominant side, where you can't even wave them by with any authority the way you would with the right arm,and people are always coming at you on the left side, your weeker side. This must lead to some kind of feeling of vulnerabilty, in time to feelings of inferiority. The reaction to this is to strike out at things to show how powerful superior you are, even if you don't feel it. Before you know it, you're living in a country that has had more wars (Fights, spats, skirmishes) with other countries in the last century than any since Attilla's Hordes!
. . . But now the French having started it, don't want to lend a hand. We can all see why now. They were pissing their paties in the French Parliament, in case they upset their underprivilaged arab population.

More another day

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