An old favorite to get things started  

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1/20/2006 10:01 am

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An old favorite to get things started

This poem is one that I wrote in dark times, which thankfully I have left behind, but it probably is the one thing that saved my life at the time. It has been published nationally before, but I'd still love to hear opinions on it.

The Hardest Test

Life is becoming more like a vampire.
It always takes away part of me.
Life is full of satire,
Full of follies amd mistakes to see

My words in life fall on deaf ears.
They do not care what pain I know,
Nor do they care about my fears,
Because I have become like the unwanted crow.

I know not why I try so hard.
Life only beats me down.
I am in a fight whith no holds barred.
I only know that I can not frown.

I will not let life beat me.
I will instead fight back.
I see the darkness of the sea.
Pain is one thing I do not lack.

I live life as something I must overcome,
Knowing I can only try my best.
I know that I follow a different drum,
But I shall try to finish this test.

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