Party Part Deux  

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8/14/2005 7:55 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Party Part Deux

Well we just got home a couple hours ago from Baltimore. We had so much fun last night that we didn't go to bed until 5 am. lol

We were expecting around 3 couples but two showed up. The one couple we had been talking to for while and were excited to meet. She is a total hottie and he is a great guy. They brought with them another nice couple and a single girl. Things got started about 12pm after we all had been drinking champagne and what not for a while. We went through two huge bottles. lol. The one couple where the female had curly long hair and caramel skin started things off by revealing her very nice nipple and from there things seem to be flying.
Next thing we are all naked. Someone is sucking my nipples and asks to eat my pussy but I had my sights on "R". We proceeded to the bed where I had the pleasure of eating that pussy. Soon we were joined by the gentleman of the other couple who proceeded to give my pussy a little workout.
I raised my head and meanwhile my guy is fucking the shit out of the caramel beauty. The guy who was eating me had moved on to the single girl who by way was so heated that she squirted him in the eye. Later on my guy fucks "R" while I masturbate. We take a little break to refill our glasses and got at it again. "R" and I are blowing "S" simultaneously. My guy is eating the caramel beauty. The single girl is giving the pusseater's dick a little love. This was going on non-stop.
We would just take little breaks and then things began to heat up again. No wonder we didn't sleep until today. It was well worth the wait for our first AdultFriendFinder adventure. Swoosh well I'm off to get some much needed sleep but I'll be having great dreams.


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