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brattygodess 39F
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10/17/2005 8:43 am

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10/5/2009 3:43 pm

How many

How many of you actually follow through with the plans you make with someone from his site. And if you do follow through is it a one time thing or do you actually go back and do it again????

WellHung4u283 41M

10/17/2005 10:17 am

I'll follow through if you anwser back

brattygodess 39F
28 posts
10/17/2005 1:17 pm

I reply back to every one that intrests me.... That i know that i would more then likely meet up with for sex.

realmom2 58M/50F

10/17/2005 2:06 pm

I follow through with everyone I makes plans with, THAT'S why I'm here. Sometimes it's a one time thing, but more often they come back for seconds lol.

rm_DDMM1 47M

10/17/2005 5:16 pm

I always follow through. As for a one time thing or more, it really depends on the person, and how we hit it off, and what they are looking for.

dufesseur 48M

10/18/2005 12:42 pm

I have followed through on plans made every time except for once when my "babysitter" failed to show and because the other person would not confirm on our previously discussed meeting time! Incedently, this was to be the first time I met someone without first seeing a pic....mixed blessing? LOL! Of those that I met, I met up with them at least three times in total! That was one of my goals when I joined the site.....find someone cool to get funky with AND at the same time, find someone that I can talk to as well!! My other goal was to prove that this site was a hoax....and I failed miserably....mixed blessing?!?!? LOL!!

asnack2005 50

10/22/2005 3:46 pm

I've responded to all of my 3 emails but nothing has come of it. I see people around town every now and again and there is always some quiet recognition but I don't say anything.

Secks_Addickted 46M

12/10/2005 1:49 pm

If a woman takes the time to write me back .. we exchange pleasntries and agree to meet, I ALWAYS follow through. That is just common courtesy. I never go to a meeting thinking sex is necessarily a "given" it depends on a lot of factors. but if we have the right chemistry, I have been known to make many happy return trips ...

rm_zima6969 47M
9 posts
12/11/2005 1:31 am

I always follow through with any plans made with individuals I meet here on AdultFriendFinder.
I have very little time to play due to my career demands so my time is both precious and valuable.
That being said, I respect others time as yeah, if I have plans you can rest assured I will infact be there!

btw, too bad we werent seem very interesting

anythingoes321 62M
3 posts
8/10/2008 8:56 pm

Hey brat. I'm new to this blog thing but love your ??? I would gladly follow thru but unfortunately I haven't had much luck. Lot of emails but no meetings. Beginning to wonder if this site is just a bunch of gamers, fakes and phony's. Or maybe it's that I'm not a tall handsome hardbody who won't show pics of his penis. I find that kinda rude and have a little more respect for women than that. Hey, no offense to those who show them. If you're into penis pics and tit shots, go for it. I'm just a normal average looking nice guy looking for some sexy fun. Anyway, I'll keep trying my luck. Looking forward to more blogs.

anythingoes321 62M
3 posts
8/10/2008 9:02 pm

By the way, hi, and glad to see you're having a great time on here. Can't believe I posted a comment to your blog and didn't even say hi.

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