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6/28/2006 3:32 pm

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It was a beautiful day in June when a female friend of mine and I decided to go bikeriding in the Willow Springs bike trail, some areas of this trail are populated with taller trees and an atmosphere that gives you the impression that you are the only soul in a sea of tranquility.
As we made our way down the single line trail we came across a few other riders, since this trail covers a vast amount of territory there were periods of time when we didn't see anyone else as far as our eyes could see.
After an hour of riding we turned around and began making our way back, my female friend stopped talking for a while and she was looking towards her sides as if she was trying to find something; suddenly she stopped on her tracks and said to me {let's get off the trail line, I need to take a break} we got off our bikes and started walking downhill, we stopped about 30 yards down the road.. we laid on the ground which was covered with patches of grass here and there, as we laid there just relaxing I became a little too relaxed and snoozed off for a few minutes... when suddenly I was awakened by my friend who with one hand was massaging her pussy and her other hand trying to find my hand, when we locked eyes she began moaning,, the fact that I was cought by surprise was turning her on even animal instinct kicked in and my body went to work,, I removed her hand from her pussy and slid one finger in her already wet cunt, her shorts were getting in the way, I pulled them off leaving her mouthwatering pussy in plain sight, I immediately started licking it up and down just like a bear would a honeycomb..she grabbed me by the hair and started forcing my head towards her dripping wet cave, that's when I slid two, and then three fingers inside her,,she couldn't take it anymore..she pushed me away with one hand , got on her knees in front of me pulled down my shorts exposing my already hard cock..she grabbed it by the base and started licking it up and down as if it was a lollipop, she started sucking my balls off making a popping sound ..then she went back to my shaft taking as much as she could in her mouth she sucked and sucked till I thought I was gonna explode..then I got her up , took a couple of steps to the nearest tree and told her to lean on the tree stretching both her arms and stick her butt out, it was a thing of beauty to see her butt sticking out just waiting for me to ram my cock inside her, I took my cock and brushed it against the outsides of her pussy, she started moving her waist in a circular motion begging me to fuck her silly ..when I slid my cock in her pussy, she let out a loud gasp, I told her not make too much noise ,we were 30 yards off the bike trail and there could be more riders up there making their way back, she looked over her shoulder and gave me a look that I interpreted as {I don't give a fuck if anybody hears us just keep pumping that cock in my ass} ,,by this time the muscles in my legs were so hard and stiff that I could hardly move....I felt her body squirming with pleasure when she came time after time , my hands couldn't let go of her hips... until I too couldn't hold my load any longer I whispered in her ear that I was gonna explode , she nodded and told me {let's cum at the same time}..As I proceded to explode inside her pussy, she started cumming too.. her face turned red as we both were spitting each other's sexes with our juices, suddenly we both lost our footing and fell, we landed sideways on the ground .. my hands never let go of her hips and my cock never came out of her pussy..and down there we enjoyed those "aftershock" moments we all have after a good "earthquake".....moments later as we were putting ourselves back together I noticed that it was getting dark ,,put our clothes back on and made our way back to the bike trail and back home.

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8/2/2006 2:21 pm

great story,gotta me moist

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