Taking the situation in hand ...  

bradmacksback 55M
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7/23/2006 5:01 pm
Taking the situation in hand ...

This is my first blog post to "JackAttack!!! The Blog For People Who Love To Masturbate"

As a writer, I sometimes tend to go on and on about a subject. I truly love putting together long, complex sentences. On this blog, however, since the subject is so simple and natural, I'm going to keep my posts that way too.

Some of the subjects I plan to cover are masturbation techniques, sex toys, mutual masturbation (my personal favorite), and the use of masturbation combined with guided imagery, trancework and other forms of hypnotic induction to enhance orgasmic potential, fantasy role-play and sexual power in general.

We'll also talk about "Jack and Jill" clubs. If there aren't any active in the Carolina, we'll fucking start 'em up right here!!!

Of course ... there's no fucking at a Jack and Jill party you know. But nothing is to stop you from hooking up afterwards, or on another evening.

Well ... that's it for now.

Happy diddling, y'all!

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