Paris Birthday Date 8/18/05  

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8/19/2005 4:09 am

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Paris Birthday Date 8/18/05

While in Paris this year, I met a really sweet and gentle woman. We corresponded via email for about a week... and she accepted my invite to have dinner with me on my birthday.

Our dinner was divine... the food was good, but the company was the best. she turned me on from the start. She was intellegent, wise, intuitive, very cute, and sexy... she would talk about all the things she's passionate about... you could see her passion in her eyes.

She was so intuitive... she knew about me, without me having to say much. She could sense my motivations and emotional moods. Thsi translated into the bedroom with her being able to sense what I wanted.

Physically she was very cute. She had red hair... striking eyes, and her dress teased with clevage in a really nice way.

When we kissed, it was soft and gentle... We returned to my hotel room... and we made love all night... all the way into the early morning (i think we quit at 4:30am). She did things with me, I've never had done before.

Her passion was intense. She came several times during our time together... and that made me so happy.

I like to give... and it made me feel good that i could actually make someone feel great. That i could turn them on.

We talked as friends, and I feel like I made a new friend. She made me promise to be more positive and pursue more American women... and not get set backs from the lack of responses or turn downs.

I feel I made a new friend... who showed me the most amazing time I've ever had on my birthday night.

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