Orgasmic Weekend  

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2/28/2005 7:43 pm

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Orgasmic Weekend

I met an asain woman on another site and we hit it off in emails and on the phone. I invited her to go to a concert at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney and she agreed.

She lived 30 miles away and the concert was on a Saturday night so I suggested to her to bring a bag and she could spend the night in my spare bedroom. We were both looking for a LTR and I didn't want to force anything.

So she came down Saturday afternoon. We went for a drive along the coast and stopped once and walked down by the beach. At every opportunity, she would hold my hand.

We stopped and I sat on a large rock and she sat in my lap and I wrapped my arms around her. She's the smallest woman I ever dated. About 5'1" and maybe 110 lbs. Cute ass. And dimples when she smiles.

I moved to kiss her and she started to giggle. I don't know why. She must have noticed me in my decision making whether to kiss her then or not. Anyway, she then kissed me and we exchanged a few more.

She then jumps up and says she's hungry. So we hiked back to the car and drove until we found a seafood place. We each had fish, but a different kind and we both had a margarita, but different kinds.

We needed to get back to my place to get ready for the concert. In the car on the way back, she started to nod off. When we got to my house she said the drink made her sleepy and could we lay down for a while for a nap.

I got an alarm clock and set it for one hour and then we laid down on my couch. She pulled my head down to her chest and I could feel her little tits moving up and down. I had my right hand on her stomach and by stretching my fingers I could feel the top of her panties, just an inch or two from her pussy.

She was wearing a little sweater that was tickling my nose so I moved my head up and pulled her close to me. My hand slid up under her sweater until it met her left bra cup. She would squirm her ass back against my dick every now and then but I couldn't tell if she did it on purpose or not. It really seemed like she was trying to sleep, but there was no way I was going to.

Eventually the alarm went off and we went to the concert. It was great. I really enjoyed it. We got back to my place around midnight. She said she wanted to take a shower but told me to go first. I told her to go first but she insisted. I took a quick one and put on a tank top and PJ bottoms.

She was laying on the bed in the other bedroom when I got out. I said it was OK if she waited til tomorrow, but she got up and went to take her shower. I went into my room and lit some candles and waited.

She came out of the bathrrom in a T shirt and string panties. She came to the foot of my bed and asked if I wanted to share the bed. I just opened my arms and she just flowed into them. I had been laying there with my arms and legs wrapped around a body pillow, so she wrapped around the other side, our arms and legs touching.

We lay there softly talking about the day. Her hand tracing along my arm and mine along her hip and back. I usually sleep naked so I got up and grabbed a pair of bikini's because the PJ's were riding up. I went to the bathroom and took off the tank top also and returned to bed in just the bikini's.

I reached for her and slid my hand up to the base of her left tit. She moaned and slid her hand down my stomach, over my bikini's to my half hard cock. She found the head and squeezed. I moved my hand slowly around in circles until I found her nipple. It was already hard, waiting to be sucked. I pulled it between my fingers and moved to the other one and it was hard too. I love hard nips!! Her tits weren't big but they fit my hand perfectly.

She turned towards me and asked if I had a condom. I just bought some the day before and told her I think I do somewhere. I got up and opened a drawer and brought one out. She sat up and took off her t shirt and I saw her tits for the first time. Absolutely beautiful!!! I couldn't beleive I had such a hot woman in my bed.

I got back into bed and threw the body pillow on the floor. No pillow was getting in my way I started sucking on one of her nipples while pulling and squeezing the other. She kept trying to reach my dick but could only grab the head, so I turned the other way.

She pulled off my bikini's letting my dick free and I reached my hand inside her panties. She was very hairy. Neatly trimmed but thick. It took me a minute or 2 to work my way through her hair and part her pussy lips. I licked my fingers and then started to slide my fingers up and down and all around.

She slid on top of me and started sucking on my cock. One hand on my balls and one on the shaft and she would suck on the head of my dick like an ice cream cone that was melting too fast.

She spread her legs in front of my face. I began to lick her cunt. From her hole down to her clit and back up again. Over and over. At the same time I was sliding a finger inside. I tried 2 but she was too tight !!! She's 36 years old and has a body like a 19 year old. I was afraid I'd cum the moment I got inside her.

Finally she rolls off of me signaling she is ready to get fucked. I get the condom out and get it on. She pushes me back and climbs on top of me. She rubs her pussy back and forth over my dick and I think that the condom might slide off. Eventually she takes my dick in her hand and moves the head to her opening and sits on it, my hardness sinking into her hot body. When it's in all the way she giggles again

She rode my dick for what seemed an hour. She was so tight I couldn't believe I didn't cum yet. She slid off and laid back, opening her legs, inviting me to do my thing.

I got on top of her and she guided my cock to her cunt. I started out slowly, a long slow push and an equally slow pull til the head almost pops out. I very slowly built up my tempo until I was just pounding away. She was moaing and groaning and her tits were bouncing all over her chest. Our groins were slap slap slapping together. When I came it seemed like 5 minutes before it was over. I kept thrusting for a while because I wasn't sure if she had come yet.

I collapsed on top of her and she started kissing me like it was the best fuck she ever had. When I caught my breath I asked her if she had cum and she said yes Yes YES!! I was happy. And tired. I checked the clock and it was 3:30am. We were at it for at least 2 hours maybe 2 1/2.

She got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned up. Then I did. We got back into bed and snuggled up close. I don't think I slept at all that night. I kept looking down at this beautiful creature in my arms and thinking I was dreaming already!!

The next morning we woke up naked in each other's arms and we had a repeat performance of the previous night only this time in the morning light. It took less time for my dick to explode. Maybe it was the visuals that were hidden in the night.

I got up and made breakfast for us. We both play golf so I took her down to the local course and we played a round ( as opposed to playing around I'm pretty good and she wasn't too bad either.

When we got back to my place it was time for her to go home. But I wasn't gonna let her go so soon. I sucked that pussy until she was screamming for me to stop. She then sucked my dick and then my balls while pumping my dick up and down.

She then put another rubber on my rock hard cock, climbed on top and rode me until we both came. I love to see her tits bouncing up and down. I'd put my hands up so that her nipples would slid up and down across them.

We told each other that it was a fantastic weekend. The best I'd had in 2 years. She wanted to know if I wanted to go to Vegas or San Diego for a weekend and I said sure. She said she'd check her calendar when she got home to see when we could meet again.

The next day was Valentines day and she called me. We sent emails back and forth over the next couple days about the great time we had and the great times to come.

Then all of the sudden she sent me an email saying that she thinks I am too nice for her and that she shouldn't see me anymore. I've tried calling her but I think she is screening calls. She won't return my emails.

So I went from King Of The World to a loser in the matter of days and I don't know why. She seemed to be my perfect match and we had so much in common and had a great time. She had been talking about the next time we met and then... nothing.

I'd always wondered why 2 of my best friends became gay after college. I guess enough situations like this might do it. But it would probably take a lot more than this to turn me

IPman 60M
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3/1/2005 9:11 am

Wow... great story with a lousey ending... I feel your pain. Time to get back on the horse and start looking for another.

love_a_smile 48M
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3/27/2005 2:30 am

Maybe you smothered her with TOO MUCH love and affection... Some women are like that... They need a bit of breathing space...

bpgem 61M

3/27/2005 2:23 pm

I know what you mean but that wasn't the case here. It looks like I left out a bit of info in my original post.

In her profile, she indicated that she wasn't sure about having kids. She brought it up a couple times with me and I said I wasn't looking to have kids at my age unless I won the lotto, just joking around. I didn't think she REALLY wanted kids. She never said to me that was a definite thing with her.

So in her last email she seemed to be saying that she liked me a lot but she really wanted kids more and she didn't want to keep seeing me and probably falling in love if I didn't want kids. We were VERY compatible in every other way.

That's when I couldn't get her to reply to my emails or phone calls for a serious talk. I checked her profile after that and she changed it a couple times, but it still says she's not sure about having kids. You'd think if that's what she wants she would say so.

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