My Best Sex Ever  

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3/16/2005 5:36 pm

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My Best Sex Ever

A few years ago, an old girl friend contacted me. She lived on the east coast and I live in California. She wanted to visit me. We hadn't seen each other in about 12 years.

She came out and spent 2 days at my place and we talked about old times and how much fun we used to have. She was now married with 2 kids and I was single.

Several months later she called and said she was coming out again and asked if she could stay for 5 days and I'd take her sight seeing. I agreed.

We traveled up the coast and stopped at a hotel getting 2 beds. That night she jumps into my bed and wants to have sex. I told her "No, you are married". We talked about it the next few days and she told me how her marriage was falling apart. She hadn't had sex in months and her husband would bang her, cum, roll over and go to sleep without caring if she got anything out of it.

The last day before she went back home, we got really drunk and that night she came into my bedroom naked and we made love. It was really sweet and beautiful. At first I was circling my fingers around one of her tits, getting closer and closer to her nipple and she finally got impatient and grabbed my hand and pushed it up to her tit. She teased me later about how she had to force the issue, but I keep telling her that I was getting there in my own sweet time

We started an affair that we would try to see each other as often as possible. Two or 3 times a year. The last time we saw each other was the best sex I ever had. We were staying at a mutual friend's house that only had 2 bedrooms. The 2nd room had 2 beds, but I offered to sleep on the couch, since my lover was a married woman.

But she said I could use the other bed as long as I didn't snore and if I did she'd kick me out and back to the couch. My lover changed in the bathroom and I put on a pair of boxers and got into bed. She knocked to see if I was decent (so our friend wouldn't suspect).

She came in wearing a long night shirt and closed and locked the door. I got out of bed and we embraced. It felt very illicit being together in our friends house who was in bed just 30 feet away.

We kissed and slid our hands up and down our bodies. I pulled her shirt up so that I could put my hands on her ass. She slid her hands inside my boxers and told hold of my dick. It was half hard already, but it started to throb in her hands.

I moved my hands up along the side of her body until they found her tits. I squeezed them together until her nipples were touching. I rubbed them together and they got really hard.

She had one hand on my balls and was squeezing the head of my dick until a drop of pre-cum oozed out. She spread it all over the head. The whole time we were kissing each other and hadn't taken any of our clothes off.

She finally pulled her shirt up over her head and then sat down on the bed and pulled my boxers off. She took hold of my cock and rubbed it on her nipples and they seemed to get even harder. She placed it inbetween her tits and pushed them together. I rocked back and forth until the head of my dick came close to her mouth and she would lick it each time it got close.

After a while I knelt down and started to lick her pussy. She had her pubes trimmed short so it was easy to find her clit. I'd lick all around her hole and then up to her clit with out touching it and then back down. Each time I moved up I got closer to her clit but I wouldn't lick it directly. After about 5 times, she grabbed my head and forced it down onto her clit

So I sucked it into my mouth and moved my tongue back and forth across her clit as fast as I could. She came so hard I thought she would crush my head between her legs. She wouldn't let me touch her for about 5 minutes after that so I had a cigarette (I've quit since).

She then puched me back on the bed and started to suck my dick like it was an ice cream cone that was melting fast!! She had my balls in one hand, the shaft in the other hand pumping up and down and she was sucking on the head. It felt so good that I'm surprised that I didn't cum.

I think she got tired of sucking because she climbed on top of me and sat on my dick, sinking all the way down. She had a move that when my dick was all the way in, she would grind her hips and that felt so good. After about 10 minutes of this, all of the sudden it got REALLY wet. She whispered to me "Did you just cum?" I said no. She told me later that she had the best orgasm she ever had at that moment and she had never gotten so wet before.

We switched postions and did it doggie style for a while. The whole time we had to be quiet because of our friend sleeping in the next room. Eventually we changed again and I got on top. I've found that when I'm on top I can usually cum within about 10 minutes. I don't know exactly why this is, so I try to save this til last. So after about 10 minutes I came and came and came... Seemed like a gallon of cum

My friend said she came 3 times and it was the best she could ever rememebr. It was definitely the best I've ever had. Unfortunately a tragic occurrence happened shortly after that and that was the last time we made love.

It seems like I always reach the pinnacle of success and happiness and it falls apart.

nana3daj 56F
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3/16/2005 8:59 pm

sounds like an affair to remember

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