Perception and reality  

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6/16/2006 11:37 am

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Perception and reality

Our perception is what is real to us, therefore reality is nothing more than what our brains perceive it to be. The difference between imagination and reality is that we perceive it to be one or the other. Why is it that when someone truely believes that their reality is something foreign to us, we lable them as being mentally ill. Just because it is not what we see or feel, they believe it so then it is their reality, and makes it no less real to them. What part of the brain decides what is real and what is not? I think the secret behind OOBE/astral projection, is that you believe that you have done it, therefore it is a reality. It must be within the subconcious mind that makes that determination for us, I can't see it being something that we conciously do. Dreams, are they any less real? Is that just a different reality for us? I taste, smell, read, and dream in color. Technicly, I'm not supposed to be able to do this, but it doesn't make it any less real. Faith and religion... just because one person believes in God, and another believes in Goddess, why does this make either wrong. It is what they perceive or have absolute faith as being reality, therefore it IS their reality. Why can't people accept that reality is all in our heads, and I don't think any of us live in the exact same reality. Everyones brain registers and records the same event a little differently. So who is right? Wouldn't they all be? If we could somehow control that part of us, I'm thinking it would have to be threw our dreams, we could change and shape our reality to whatever we want it to be. There would be no way to experiment with this though, because for it to work, we would have to conciously believe it to be real, honest to god real, and not something we made in to reality. Subliminal messaging speak directly to the subconcious mind, our concious mind does not register it. And threw this, we are able to be controlled and our perception of reality is able to be changed. Can I change those parts of me that conciously I have tried but can't threw subliminal messages and my dreams? Somehow find a way to control my subconcious mind. Some would argue that there must be a common reality, we don't just percieve the same thing. Well, therein lies the universal state of unconciousness that links us all together. There must be order in the universe, it demands it, so there must be some basis for all perception. Or maybe its just that we are told as children, when we believe in everything, that the sky is blue, therefore for all of us it is. Ok, enough sleep deprevated ramblings. It was much more conherent before I sat down to type it all up. It's so hard to get the things that go threw my head out of my head and share.


6/16/2006 12:49 pm

I sort of see imagination as a precursor to physical matter reality.

Physical reality stands upon a solid framework and bedrock of pure imagination.

Without imagination nothing could exist. It is primary from the point of view of absolute creation.

The mind is the projector of all realities be they physical or otherwise.

Dreams have their own reality. They are not "not reality" but different from physical reality. Before physical reality could exist it was a dream world.

Dreams and the realm of those with no physical body share a common border. When your physical body dies it will be al too familiar because you already frequently travel and have many experiences in that realm.

The shock of having died is way exaggerated. Conversely the experience being born is an absolute excruciating shock.

Consciousness is fully mobile and can go anywhere at all. Your own consciousness usually stays fairly local to your physical body but there is no requirement that this always be the case. And it often is not the case. Particularly while you sleep.

Your physical body including your brain are artifacts and side effects of your mind/consciousness. Not vice versa like most modern science continues to think.

Physical reality itself is an artifact of the mind.


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