Are we ever satisfied  

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8/14/2006 4:15 pm
Are we ever satisfied

My partner and have been together for 6 year. We love each other very much. But, I am very sexually active and he is not. Another wards, I don't get dick as much as i would like it. So, we have decided to look for other guys in our life to spice it up. It has been fun. Boy, I have had some great protected sex out there with other men. And my man has joined me with them. What I don't understand is why he will not give me dick when i need it. But yet, he will give it to me when there is other guys here. Not complaining about it. Threesome has been wonderful. But, wish that he would service me when I need to be serviced. (like every Day).

I love to have dick every day. I really love to watch/have a man cum all over the place/me. The type of men that i am into is a Tall and tan, Dark hair, Who works out, With a big/thick cut golden cock. Don't like really hairy men. But, do like some hair. Really LOVE hairy nice legs . That is so HOT.

My partner likes guys who are bold. He love a man with a Tan body, young with bold head, hairy legs, but, not to hairy. With a big/thick cock. It does not matter if it is cut or not.

My man love to fuck a guy while I suck there cock. Nothing hotter then my man cumming in his ass. At the same time he is cumming in my face/mouth. Nothing like hearing both men moanning and screaming at the same time just before they bust a nut.

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