sex at the zoo  

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1/31/2006 11:43 am

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sex at the zoo

about 20 years ago i had sex at the zoo.

we were performers in a play in a prarie city. she was one of the hottest women i'd ever seen. right around opening night we went on a date and for the rest of the stay in that city it was sex every day, all through the day.

one morning we decided to visit the zoo. it was hot and she was dressed in very loose but short shorts. the electricity always flowed strongly between us; even holding hands gave me the same sensation i'd felt as a kid when i walked close to a downed high tension wire during a rainstorm.

we went into a building where the elephants were kept. the light was diffused and soothing, almost dim, and the elephants stood around quietly existing; comfortably aware of our presence. there were no other people in the elephant building and i moved close to my companion at the railing of the pen. i loved touching her. it was impossible for me not to touch her and when i stood beside her she pressed into me like a magnet. i put my hand on her waist and slid it down over her hips. her bottom filled my hand and as i gently squeezed little sounds of pleasure and happiness came out of her. it seemed odd that there was noone else there because the rest of the site was overrun and the elephants were such amazing creatures to be around. i kept my eyes on the huge door to the building with the intense sunshine burning a patch of the floor just inside the entrance and reached under the hem of my friend's shorts. she wore no panties and the wraparound shorts made her completely accessible. her skin was alway silky and she gripped the rail of the pen as my fingers found her pussy and began to stroke it. i was sure that any moment a group would enter the building and we'd have to stop. we tried to stand in such a way that my hand was concealed between us and if interrupted we could make like we were just standing close to each other. her pussy became very wet and wonderfully slippery within seconds and her clitoris almost pounded with her pulse under my teasing fingertips. minutes went by and still noone else came into the building. i began to wonder what would happen if someone came in right when she came because she was getting close and i didn't want to stop unless i had to. we were held in an incredibly tense place of wanting to tumble over the edge of orgasm but certain that if we pushed it that far a troop of children, parents and grandparents would race in and witness her bucking and groaning loudly as she gushed over my sinful mitt. still, nobody came in and i worked her over ruthlessly...if i had to stop at any moment i'd make it good up until that point. she began to get unsteady on her feet and the elephants looked on amused and seemed to supress their urge to chuckle at our antics - and predicament. my girl released the railing to clutch onto my arm. she clung tightly while the hand at the end of it toyed with her fast, then slow, then fast, then slow. sometimes our eyes would meet and i'd see the exquisite torment written over her beautiful face. life was an incredible thing when we were together; the air was rich with things and streams of energy and music throbbed and exploded out of us. we had been falling in love and had not been out of each others sight since the first night together. caught off guard,the sound of human voices broke into my consciousness and i quickly flicked my hand from under her clothing and rested it on her waist. the other people moved closer to see the elephants and commented to each other about what marvelous creatures they were. i don't know if anyone saw for sure what we had been doing, but there was no sense of alarm except for my pounding heart; and my sweetheart and i dissolved into each others eyes for a few moments, arms loosely around each other while the small crowd shuffled around and past us.

we left the zoo after exiting the elephant building. as i drove us home i made up a game. i would play with her while the car was in motion and try to make her come; but when we were stopped at a light she wasn't allowed to come. the traffic was heavy and i had to be really careful. it was also quite a long drive through the city and stop and go all the way. numerous times she'd almost reach orgasm and we'd hit gridlock for several minutes. the treatment drove her mad and she became dopey and incoherent. finally we got to my place and headed straight for the bedroom where we brought the day to a very happy ending for both of us.

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